18 and over


We are keen to teach every adult who is interested in rowing at Marlow.  Once you have completed a course you can join one of our groups to row either competitively or just for fun. We welcome all ages, male and female, and all levels of interest, from serious athletes to those who want to enjoy the pleasures of rowing along our beautiful stretch of the river.  We teach beginners between 1 April and 30 September.

There are two ways to learn to row.

Single Sculling Course

This is the best way to learn.  You will have 10 one-to-one sessions with a dedicated and fully-qualified coach to learn to row in a single scull with two oars.  This culminates in a short assessment and a certificate of achievement.  The aim is to ensure you learn the right techniques to get the best out of your rowing and that you are competent to row in a single scull by yourself on the river.  Once you have passed the assessment, you will be able to row in a single scull or with others in a double or quad.  You can also undertake further training to row in a sweep boat if you would like – an eight, four or pair.  The fee for the course and assessment is £250. 

Crew Sculling Course

An alternative is to learn as a group.  This is perfect if you have a group of friends that you want to learn with or would simply prefer to learn in a bigger boat, in which case we can join you up with others.  Under this option, you learn in a crew of four people sculling with two oars (a quad).  Again, you will receive 10 coaching sessions from a dedicated and fully-qualified coach.  At the end of the sessions, you and your group will be fully capable of rowing a quad by yourselves on the river.  We can then provide additional coaching if you would like to learn to row in a smaller boat such as a single or double.  The fee for this course is £200 per adult.

The next step is to sign up here with your availability and we will come back to you as soon as possible to get you started!