Last updated: 12 August 2017

Welcome to MRC - these pages explain our membership categories, how to apply/renew, volunteering scheme, affordability schemes we have to encourage as many people as possible to row with us.


Membership Categories


The club has various categories of membership (rates are for the membership year 1 Oct 2017 - 30 Sept 2018):

Category Membership Type* Charge (£)


Rowing Member over 18 and under 65



Rowing Member under 18 or in full time education max age 23 (see note 1)

B1 Rowing Member in J14/WJ14 Group (see note1) 310
C Junior Development Group 215
D Gym (Non-Rowing) 255
E Supporter Member (Non Rowing) 55
F Temporary - at the Captain’s discretion for a limited period (see note 2) pro rata
G Family (Cat A + spouse + dependents U23) 920
H Veteran (65 and over on 1st October)(see note 3) 255
I Coaches (non-rowing) 50
J Coxwains (non-rowing) 40
Y Para Rowing Adult 230
Z Para Rowing Member under 18 or in full time education max age 23 205


Note 1 - Junior Membership fee includes one extra FOB for parents use

Note 2 - If you primarily row for another club (e.g. University Students, people who live abroad) then we can offer a discounted membership fees to reflect the time you actually train with us.

Note 3 - For those entitled to Veteran membership there is an option to buy life-time membership for a one off fee provided they have been a full rowing member for a minimum of 5 years.  The one off fee is calculated as (80 - age on 1st Oct) x 255 x 70%, e.g. if you are 70 on 1st October you pay 10 x 255 x 70% = £1,785 Members who have paid the lifetime membership fee or who row and are 80 or over pay no fee.

Trial Membership: For new members considering whether to join, there is a trial period option available (pay 10% of the marked fee for one month, then if you wish to stay, that is deducted from your membership).

Pro-rata: If you join part way through the year we will usually pro-rata your membership so that you are only paying for the months you are with us.

If you are not a MRC member but want access to the bar, sign up as MWSH Social Member - more infomation

*For full details, see the membership policy

How to apply/renew

Existing Members: Membership and racking can be renewed online.

PLEASE NOTE: All Junior Members must renew using the paper MEMBERSHIP FORM.  If you want to use any of the affordability options (see other tabs) you can use the paper forms.

All membership fees are due on 1st October and if paid after 1st November will increase by £50. For racking information see the racking section.

New Members: If you have just finished the learn to row course, or have rowed before and would like to join the club, have a look at what squads and groups we have available.

To join, please use the paper MEMBERSHIP FORM

Payment arrangements are as follows:-

1. Online via Paypal (For existing members only)

2. By Bank transfer: Full amount due transferred to 30-95-36 47516368 Ref 16SUB{surname}

NOTE: This must be accompanied by an email to, stating:

Member's Name plus a detailed breakdown of the membership/racking options the payment covers.

3. By Cheque: Full amount due payable to “Marlow Rowing Club”.  If payment includes racking and/or a donation please show build up to total payment on back of cheque. Cheques should be placed in the Membership Secretary pigeonhole on the first floor of the boathouse or posted to MRC, Marlow Bridge Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1RH


Fundraising and Volunteering Matching Scheme

A Club of almost 500 people takes a huge amount of voluntary work to run. With this in mind we're trialling a scheme this year whereby we'll do the following up to a maximum of £40,000 on a "first come first matched" basis.

• Match funds including donations raised by club members on a £1 for £1 basis

• Match approved volunteer hours on (initially) a basis of £1 per hour.

This will be done on an individual basis and the matched funds will be pointed at the squad selected by the volunteer or fundraiser. As an example if a Juniors’ parent secured a boat sponsorship deal of £8,000, we would match that £8,000 and use the combined amount of £16,000 to buy a boat for the Junior squad. In fact we did exactly this during the current year and all we're doing here is expanding the scheme to other squads.

As a volunteering example, if the Masters Women between them put 750 volunteer hours into running Marlow Spring Regatta, another 750 collective volunteer hours at Marlow Town Regatta and another 500 at the Rowers Revenge Triathlon, that would create a squad budget of £2,000 that they could use to upgrade a boat or buy a set of blades.

The scheme is intended to make it easier for those people who lead our main events to recruit volunteers. It rewards and recognises those volunteer coaches, assistants, bar team members and those taking on arduous roles at the Club. Inevitably the scheme needs some rules and some administration and we're feeling our way here, but here’s the outline principles and we'll improve it as we go forward. As with the budget, monthly updates will be available on the club noticeboard.

1 Claimed volunteer hours must be on an approved program
2 Program or role approval is at The Committees discretion
3 No paid hours can be claimed
4 The greater of hours expended or funds raised only can be claimed
5 Default fund destination is the squad the member belongs to
6 Non squad members can point hours to a squad of their choosing
7 Where no preference is expressed funds will be pointed at Captain’s discretion
8 Matching must be claimed monthly any unclaimed after 1 month will be forfeit
9 Matching funds can only be used to purchase equipment
10 All equipment remains the property of Marlow RC
11 All equipment can, over time, be reallocated
12 The program and matching rates will be reviewed quarterly


Stage Payment Scheme (Cheques):  If you cannot pay in one lump sum, you can provide the membership secretary with three cheques for approximately equal parts of your membership fee dated October, November and December. If you pay this way you avoid the late payment surcharge.  Please note that this option is not currently available online.

Hardship Fund: If you are unable to afford the normal payment scheme due to your economic circumstances, you can apply to the committee (via the membership secretary) for alternative payment schemes. Each case is considered on its merits.

President's Fund: The President's Fund  provides grants to individuals from Marlow that are competing at country (e.g. Home Championships) or International level.


Bar Access


150124MRC bar


Access to the bar for MRC members is subject to membership of Marlow Rowing Club Trading Ltd rules. Members of MRC will have access and MRC pays a membership fee on your behalf. 

If you are not a MRC member but want access to the bar, sign up as MWSH Social Member (£50) - more infomation