It has been another busy and successful period at Marlow Rowing Club. Since the last newsletter:

  • The WJ16 4x won at Henley Women's Regatta;
  • We had four crews in Henley Royal Regatta, and the junior boys won the Fawley with a surge at the finish (report and video);
  • There were wins at Henley Veterans Regatta - all wins are listed on the results page;
  • The J16 2x and J16 4x were selected to represent GB in the GB v France and both went on to win their races;
  • MRC juniors were selected for the Junior World Championships and the Coupe;
  • We had Wycombe Wanderers Football Club along for a day and raised over £300 from sale of auction items on Ebay (it's on the front page of the Marlow Free Press and page 5 as well);
  • we have issued the building tender to the 5 shortlisted builders and should get their tenders back at the start of August;
  • we have had the first AGM of the new charity and elected a new set of officers, plus read a statement about financial approach, answered a lot of questions and formally appointed Bill Findlay as a Vice President and Honorary Life Member.

There is a lot coming up too:

  • THIS SATURDAY: an opportunity to sell unwanted kit and buy secondhand kit;
  • THIS SUNDAY: an opportunity to speak to Rowing and Regatta about the magazine;
  • We have 5 girls representing England in the Home International Regatta this evening;
  • TICKETS NOW FOR 6th SEPTEMBER: Fundraising Jazz evening on The Georgian boat;
  • building tender return and evaluation at the start of August;
  • FROM THE END OF JULY: moving off site and operating from new sites - this article by Sally explains how we expect to operate during the off site period;
  • there will be initial works on the building to remove hazardous material in advance of the main demolition;
  • archeology trial pits will be dug (again);
  • its not too late to sign up for the sponsored walk or sponsored bike ride


  • Fundraising: We're still a long way away from being able to afford the rebuild. We have to proceed on the basis we can or the construction programme will slip, but until we have the tender responses back we cannot be totally sure and even then we will have to continue fundraising. Please don't get complacent.
  • Ebay: If you're selling on Ebay you can nominate MRC as a charity to receive a proportion of the sale proceeds (10 to 100%) and you get reductions on your listing fees for doing so. Look for the options when selling.
  • Bench: A bench to a club supporter has been dedicated in Higginson Park.
  • Bridge: Marlow Bridge is closed to road traffic (not pedestrians) from 3rd August to 31st August. Later in the works, those with racks under the bridge (who may be different to those there now, see Sally's off-site notes) may have to temporarily move their boats to allow the bridge works.
  • Gym: We have secured the use of a building as a gym near the Station. Equipment will be moving off site soon - please read Sally's Off-Site notes for explanations and help in the moves where possible.

Please do what you can to support the club as we go through this transition.