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In this edition, racing updates, bar opening, rugby in the bar, bar membership, gym memberships, second club memberships, and the final cost of the building.

Hampton Head: Strong results for the girls with wins in WJ16 8o, WJ18 4x, WJ18 2x and WJ15 2x, well done. The updated wins are on the usual place on the website.

British Indoor Rowing Championships: Well done to Jordan Beecher who got a silver medal in the LTA category. Congratulations too to Anna Brazinova who came 4th in the Open Women’s category – given that the first two were from the GB squad that is a very impressive result.

Bar Opening Hours & Rugby in the bar TV: The bar is open for business. As well as the usual evening opening times (Tues, Thurs, Friday) and Sunday lunchtimes, it is opening for the rugby at the weekend. More details on normal opening hours here and on the Rugby opening. Under the new structure, the bar is run by a separate trading company owned by the club. 

Bar Membership: We are also opening up access to the bar to the public. Anyone can now apply to be a Marlow Watersports Hub Social Member. Social Members can use the bar when it is open on the same basis as club members and we want to increase the number of people using and drinking at the bar. More details and an application form are on the website.

Bar Hire: On the nights when the bar is not open to members it is available for private hire to the public. Contact the Bar Secretary (Bob Thompson) for details. 

Gym Memberships: We want to encourage local use of the gym. Gym memberships are available to the public for £150 per year (the usual gym membership), so if you know anyone who would like to use the gym – and enjoy the great views it offers they can get more information here.

Second Club Memberships: Students and overseas members: We have updated our membership policy to recognise our “second club” scheme. We know that some people mainly row with another club and only rarely with MRC – perhaps because they are a university student, live overseas, or even train with the GB squad. For those members we offer a discount scheme: the membership fee is reduced to reflect the time they actually spend at MRC. We want to encourage everyone to keep their links with MRC and to welcome them back during University holidays, sub into boats and generally stay connected with the club. If this applies to anyone you know, they should contact the membership secretary (David Plaskitt ) and it is covered on the website too.

Building Works: There is still some snagging to do, but we have now settled all the claims with the builders. With all works nearly complete we now know the final cost of the building, and the final result is £1.7 million including VAT and professional fees. The committee wants to take this opportunity again to thank David Plaskitt. David is a retired civil engineer and without his support the club would never have been able to manage the tender and build phases.