2019 Regatta - Saturday 15th June


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Thanks to all competitors, coaches, supporters officials and volunteers for making today so successful.  We hope you all enjoyed the event, and look forward to seeing you again soon

2019 Regatta - Monday 6th May

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  • 6/6/19 THANK YOU to all competitors, coaches, supporters, organisers and volunteers.  We have had a great day of racing and look forward to seeing you all soon.  Official results are now available

Marlow hosts a number of rowing and related events (links on left and below in the order that they happen throughout the year) some run by the club and some run by other groups. Events include:


2018 Long Distance Sculls

News - 24Sept 2018: We will unfortunately not be able to run Long Distance Sculls again this year as the boating facility at Longridge is not available for our use.

We are hoping that we will be able to work out a solution to allow the event to resume in 2019

The next club time trial which will be on the morning of 14 December. Any member can take part. The trial will start at 7.30am and will consist of two timed upstream runs from the grey bridge to the sailing club. People can take part in any boat type except eights. People who normally boat at Longbridge will have to bring boats up through the lock, and will therefore be given later start times. Club members wanting to take part should speak to their coach, or contact Sally directly for details of registration and start times.

The Parent's Challenge event will see parents of the Junior Boys and Junior Girls squads racing against each other. There will be a preliminary race at the Icebreaker event. Find out more.

This event has been cancelled.  The cub continues to host the Long Distance Sculls event in October.




Thank you for your patience while we double checked everything

Thank you to all our competitors, we hope you had a good day.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the event please drop us a line. 

 Any questions on this year's event should be forwarded to the LDS organiser




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