The office holders and volunteers from July 2019 are:

 Charity Trustees/Company Directors  
President  Sir Steve Redgrave CBE DL 
Chairman Mike Parsons
Secretary  Helen Chadley
Treasurer David Wells
Captain Ruth Naylor
Junior Co-Ordinator  Julie Lyons
Deputy Office Holders
Deputy Chairman Matt Smith
Deputy Secretary Helen Thompson
Deputy Treasurer Kingsley McDiarmid
Deputy Captain  Alex Morris
Junior Representative  Dave Brindle
Honorary Posts and Members
Hon. Vice-Presidents (year of appointment, if recent)

Geoff Baker, Peter Blaseby (2011), G Bustin, Edward (Ted) Casson, Anthony (Tony) Evans, Bryn Evans, Nick Gill, Guy Greenhous, Alan Hooker, Peter Hunt, Alistair Johnston (2010), Mike Mounsdon, Edward Phillips (2015), Sally Reay (2015), Lady Ann Redgrave (2015), Mike Spracklen MBE, Laurie Tilbury, Bob Thompson (2016), Mrs A West, Vince Wood (2016) 

Hon. Life Members (year of appointment, if recent)

Alex Beever, Cath Bishop, Nick Clarry (2015), Bryn Evans (2014), Lisa Eyre, Paul Frankin (2014), Katherine Grainger CBE, Guy Greenhous, Tom Kay, Gillian Lindsay, Carole Pieper (2014), Chuck Pieper (2014), Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE, Zac Purchase MBE, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE DL, Naomi Riches MBE, Mike Spracklen MBE, John Stephenson (2016), Dr Lynne Summers (2014), Larry Tracey (2014), Sue Walker, Darren Whiter (2011), Sarah Winckless MBE.

Trading Company (Marlow Rowing Club Trading Limited / MaRCT)   
Bar Secretary Jenny Hargreaves
Bar Hire Laura Tilbury
Other directors  The directors of MRC (except the Junior Co-ordinator) are also directors of MaRCT
Other Roles
Membership Secretary David Plaskitt 
Boat Racking Secretary Suzi Moon
Learn to Row Administrator Helen Thompson
Press Relations
Club Water Safety Officer
Grant Administrator
Gold Silver Bronze Donations Scheme John Yeatman
Insurance Belinda Ford
Welfare and Child Protection Julie Lyons
Clothing Malcolm Roels
Volunteer Co-ordinator David Jackson / Ruth Naylor
Squad Coaches and Leaders  
Junior Development Squad 

Coach: Mark Runiet

Admin contact:

Junior Boys Squad Junior Coaching
Junior Girls Squad Junior Coaching
Improvers Group David Plaskitt
Men's Senior Squad Matt Evans
Women's Senior Squad Matt Evans
Senior Development Squad Matt Evans
Masters Women Jayne Thomas
Young Vets Mike Parsons
Masters Men Phil Thomas
Senior Vets Laurie Tilbury
Para-Rowing Bruce Lynn
Recreational Squad Jeremy Thomson



Vice Captains 

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Deputise for the captain at the RSC and committee meetings when required

  • With information gained from squads advise captain on the equipment needs of the club


Key Activities

  • Support club captain in club activities and captain’s responsibilities

  • Establish communication with squad coaches and recreational groups
  • Sufficient presence at club to be recognizable as a deputy captain
  • In support of the captain be the person members approach should they have any issues at the club and ensure these issues are dealt with where appropriate

 Recommended Experience

  • Competitive or recreational rowing member of the club

  • Sufficiently established at the club to be familiar with squad members and leaders, but preferably not a leading competitive rower during tenure as Captain.

  • Knowledge of current equipment allocated to squads and bookable equipment

  • Sufficient knowledge of club individuals to be able to recognise key squad and recreational members

The President's Fund was established to encourage members of the club with ambition to represent their country. 2011 is the 20th anniversary year of its foundation and in that period the Fund has been able to help a significant number of young members to achieve their ambition.

In 2009 the Committee decided to undertake a strategy review for the club.


As part of this review we conducted a survey of members.  We had responses from 127 members who gave their views on a range of issues covering their usage of the club, their perceptions of the management structure and their ideas on the type of activity they wish to see.  The results of the survey have been used to inform the development of a strategy which will be explained to the membership at the AGM.


The full results of the survey are here (apologies that some of the totals are not shown - don't worry we have the full set of data!).


The top themes emerging from the survey are:

  • The majority want sport to be offered to athletes of all abilities and aspirations, with some broadening of access.  Continued provision of recreational rowing is important
  • There is a consensus in favour of 'excellence in rowing' as a defining objective for the club
  • A majority wish to see more successful athletes produced by the club, winning medals at club and national levels
  • 79% of respondents want to see improvements in both our water and land-based facilities
  • Opinion was evenly divided on whether we should actively investigate an alternative site for our main club facilities
  • most feel that their group or squad is integrated into the club, but also feel that the club is a collection of loose groups
  • Most members want the club to devote more resources to the continued improvement of coaching
  • The majority are in favour of employing a lead coaching professional who would direct efforts to raise standards of coaching, and thereby the performance of individuals and squads




Roles and Responsibilities


  • The senior officer of the club. The President contributes to and guides the Club's strategy and development planning.

  • Build positive relationships with relevant external organisations and communicate the club strategy and objectives to them.

  • Foster relationships which will contribute to the future success of Marlow Rowing Club.

  • Represent MRC at the Executive level of the external bodies and authorities relevant to our growth and development.

Key Activities

  • Work alongside the Club Management Team, offering guidance on development of the Club’s strategy, business and operational plans.

  • Provide advice and support to the Captain when required.

  • Take soundings on perceptions of MRC in the local community, with Local Authorities and with the sport’s governing body. Bring these to the attention of the Management Team when appropriate.

  • Act as principal host for the annual dinner and other major functions in the life of Marlow Rowing Club.

Recommended Experience

  • Is aware of and understands the club’s history, traditions and conventions; and should have the seniority, expertise and command the respect required for a figurehead role.

  • Demonstrable experience and the confidence to provide guidance to Chairman, Officers and Management Team Members.

  • Ideally has served on the club Management Team, or in a senior capacity in another rowing club or a business, in a way that will enable the post-holder to provide support and guidance to the management team when required.

  • Is experienced in guiding management teams, and specifically in the effectiveness of teams and individuals.

Membership Secretary


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Receive and progress membership applications, except those managed by the Co-ordinator for Junior Squads.

  • Manage the club’s subscription renewal process.

  • Maintain current membership lists.


Key Activities

  • Produce documentation as necessary to invite subscription renewals annually from members.

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of all club members, recording status in respect of subscription and rack fee payments.

  • Develop and Maintain a handbook for new members and make it available via the club website or in hard copy if required. Ensure that it is distributed to all newly-joined members of the club.

  • To meet and liaise with all new members to ensure that they are made to feel welcome; and then to assist them in fitting into the club and its structures as required.

  • To liaise with any member who opts not to renew, in order to to understand why and to identify any significant trends in changing membership . To report these to Officers and Management Team members as appropriate and recommend any actions which should be considered.

  • Liaise with the Treasurer over current membership numbers and jointly develop proposals for annual renewal rates.

  • Allocate racks to members in consultation with the Captain, and manage the racking applications, allocations and waiting lists.

  • Within the confines of the Data Protection Act, provide Officers and Management Team members with any data held on the membership data base.

  • Assist with the organization and running of MRC events.

  • Ensuring any safety concerns, accidents or incidents are captured without delay, managed in accordance with BR guidance and if appropriate, brought to the attention of the Management team or Club Water Safety Officer.

  • Where possible and relevant, ensuring compliance by members with Safety guidance and the Club Constitution.


Recommended Experience

  • Computer literate, with experience of administering simple databases.

  • Ability to communicate effectively by email or conventional letter.

  • Good organisational skills, ability to adhere to deadlines.


IT Infrastructure and PR Officer


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Raise the profile of the club with the public, mainly via as many press articles as possible

  • Communications with the membership/parents of juniors/other club associates

  • Operate the club IT


Key Activities

  • Be responsible for the Club Website, Phone, internet connection, email (including bulk emails), domain names, other online facilities (e.g. membership database online, with the Membership Secretary), and other Internet presence (online listings, Facebook group, Twitter account etc.). Not the CCTV (Facilities Manager).

  • Edit and distribute an online newsletter at least every other month.

  • Maintain a database of contacts at local newspapers, radio and TV stations.

  • Advertise club events to the local press

  • Issue regular updates to the press about the club's progress

  • Design, produce and maintain club brochures, marketing material/signs, branding/logos

  • Assist event managers in marketing their event

  • Assist/Liaise with the External Liaison and Sponsorship Officer to present a united external club image, and inclusion of any Sponsor logos in website etc as promised to Sponsor.


Recommended Experience


  • Ideally some experience as a publicity officer with an understanding of how to gain maximum publicity for the club in the local and if possible national press.

  • Ability to communicate effectively to all club members.

  • Is familiar with developing and maintaining databases.

  • At least medium and preferably strong IT skills.

  • Since they have access to all club data, must be trustworthy.

  • Good literacy/written skills.

Hon. Treasurer


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Ensures that Marlow Rowing Club remains financially sound.

  • Advises the Committee on financial matters connected with running the Club, including the financial implications of new projects and other changes.

  • Safeguards the club’s financial and other assets.

  • Ensures the club receives good value for its investments.

  • Acts as a member of the management team.


Key Activities

  • Manages the preparation of the annual budget in consultation with key budget holders.

  • Produces regular club accounts for review by the committee and reports on performance against budget.

  • Responsible for the production of the annual accounts, and organization of an independent review.

  • Collects all income due and pays all bills in timely fashion.

  • Looks after renewal and payment of insurance and any fees to regulatory bodies.

  • Advises on acquisition and disposal of assets.

  • Assisting with the organization and running of MRC events.

  • Ensuring any safety concerns, accidents or incidents are captured without delay, managed in accordance with BR guidance and if appropriate, brought to the attention of the Management team or Club Water Safety Officer.

  • Where possible and relevant, ensuring compliance by members with Safety guidance and the Club Constitution.


Recommended Experience

  • Is numerate and computer literate.

  • Ideally has experience of preparation of club or other small business accounts, including balance sheets.

  • Is demonstrably trustworthy where financial matters are concerned.

  • Is familiar with the workings of a rowing club and the particular financial issues relevant to voluntary and non profit making organisations.

  • Is well-organised and able to work to deadlines.