at last I've found time to edit stuff. Don't think I'll do anything fancy - it will be a pain to maintain!


Was thinking of uploading latest erg times, any social events,

don't really have any up to date/relevant pictures so that's that out. Although regatta footage is always fun!



this is great - it still maintains Ed as the Ed(itor) - I can write what I like!


Don't forget to come and scoff mince pies and mulled wine on Tuesday 23rd in the bar (posters up at the club). You will however be expected to sing for your supper with Alan Hooker thumping out the melodies!

This new club website has an RSS feed (look at the bottom left of the frontpage). This allows you to be notified of new articles and alerts on this website without having to come and look at it, so you do not miss out on news, events or other changes.

Welcome to the editing help - if you can't find what you need in here ask Ed.


What you can edit

You can:

  • change the text of a page,
  • add, delete or recaption pictures,
  • add or delete attached files,
  • add or delete video files;
  • link or unlink from other pages,
  • link or unlink to the contacts;
  • control which section the page is in and what information is displayed;
  • control whether a page is published or not;
  • control whether a page is published on the front page; and
  • control the meta data (search engine information) about the page.

What you can't edit

You can't:

  • alter the menus;
  • change the contacts;
  • change the overall layout of the page (column, logo above, red surrounds); or
  • control where on the front page a document appears.

If you need this done, speak to Ed, Jim Cotter, or Jeremy Rowe.


How to edit a page

  1. Login
  2. Open the page you want to edit
  3. Click the little pencil icon that appears at the top right hand part of the page (usually with the email/pdf etc icons).
  4. The editing window will open. Its a bit like Word, but with extra features.
  5. You can "apply" your edits as you go along, which saves them but does not leave the edit window, or you can "save" them. Once saved, you cannot go back to the previous version (if you really mess something up, Ed can revert some changes, so ask).

Some Housekeeping

If you are going to edit or add pages to this site, please keep to some standard rules, otherwise the site will end up a mess.

  • Uploading pictures and files: note that there is a size limit for pictures and files, and that if pictures on a page are too big the page will take ages to load, and the website will run out of bandwith. Most pictures do not need to be more than 50k to go on the website, and most cameras are taking pictures at a hundred times that size.
  • Location of files: Please store files in a relevant folder when you upload them, otherwise someone has to move them later and it is a pain.
  • Naming of files: Files cannot have spaces in them - use a dash, underscore or camelType if more than one word. If the file is for a particular year, start it with that year "08name" or if it is from a particular event, use initials eg. "08novicesAtTwickenhamRegatta.png" or "FRC08_winners_cross_line.jpg".


If you aren't familiar with how to edit the site, then have a practice by editing the sandbox page. This page should only be linked to from here and can be messed around with as much as you like. Note though that it is available on the internet, so don't put anything too strange there!


Note that the picture and file uploader doesn't work on Opera or Firefox, so you'll have to use IE.


The controls

This picture shows you what some of the edit buttons are for:




The insert link and break link buttons will be greyed out until you highlight some text to be linked or which you want unlinked. Insert link is used for making links within the site, links to contacts and links to external websites.


View HTML shows you the underlying coding of the page. If you have any understanding of HTML at all, it is often easier to tidy up the page this way than use the buttons.


Paste from Word and Paste pain text are both used when importing text from elsewhere. Although you don't see it, most word processors like Word will insert a load of hidden code which affects how the stuff you cut and paste looks on a website. This makes the text that has been put in look different to everything else. These buttons allow the text to be pasted without all that background junk. Use them if you can.


Link to a file, Insert/alter picture and insert/alter video all allow other files to be inserted into the page. They are also how you can upload these types of files to the website. The upload function doesn't work with Firefox or Opera, though. The uploader box looks like this:









The "alternate text" is what appears if the picture doesn't load, and is also what blind people get read about the picture, so it should be filled in. If you want the picture to change when people put their mouse over it, look at the tabs. If you want the picture to be a link, put the picture in first, click on it, then select the link option from the page editing buttons.


Other controls

There are two boxes ("Publishing" and "Metadata") that appear below the main edit window.

Publishing controls how the page is dealt with by our computers - which category it goes in, whether it is on the front page, when it should start and end its appearance, and who can access it. For access levels "Public" = anyone, "Registered" = only those registered, and "Special" means members only.


Metadata is how other computers see our site - particularly search engines. The "Description" is the two lines of text you see under a google result, so should be short text in natural language for a human to read. "Keywords" are used by Google to try to categorise the page - use no more than 6 words separated by commas that describe that page e.g. "marlow spring, thames regatta, rowing races".