Marlow Rowing Club (MRC) is pleased to announce that MRC and Longridge, the youth activity charity, have agreed to work together to improve rowing provision in Marlow. MRC and Longridge will be combining their skills to offer more opportunities for those who want to try rowing or row recreationally or during working hours.

Longridge provides rowing courses primarily during working hours and last year around 500 people took one of their courses. Longridge provides an accessible way for locals to try the sport recreationally. However, Longridge has not been able to offer a club environment to provide people with the ongoing support and reassurance they need to carry on, either recreationally or more seriously. MRC's new learn to row course operated mainly out of working hours and at the weekends and in its first year of operation took over 50 people but MRC's club structure has kept a high proportion of those with the club.

Therefore, Longridge and MRC are joining forces and MRC will be offering the longer term support and assistance to those Longridge (and MRC) learn to row graduates who are interested in continuing rowing either recreationally or competitively. In addition to MRCs busy squads, MRC and Longridge coach, Bret King (recently voted Coach of the Year by Bucks Sport) will be providing support and assistance during the day at MRC.

Those who have recently learnt to row and need some assistance and reassurance to get on the water and go out safely will benefit from Bret's support and liaison to enable them to get on the water safely and with confidence. At MRC members they will also have the support that comes with being members of one of the largest rowing clubs on the upper Thames.

MRC and Longridge are pleased to be able to couple the daytime availability of the Longridge courses with the ongoing support of MRCs club structure and expect that this will enable more people to enjoy the river.

Sally Reay, MRC Captain said of the arrangement: "I'm very excited at the prospect of working with Longridge to bring more people into the sport. Even though we suffered significant damage in last year's fire, we are able to offer a warm welcome to people who want to come and row on one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the region. This new partnership will allow us to open up our facilities to a greater number of people who want to enjoy the sport in a friendly club environment".

Amanda Foister, CEO at Longridge, said: "Rowing has proved to be one of the most popular activities we offer at Longridge – particularly for adults wanting to get back into sport. We are tremendously keen to develop their interest and our new link up with our neighbours at Marlow Rowing Club will enable people to improve their skills, enjoy a club atmosphere, and for some, get into competitive rowing. In this, the Olympic year, I think it's more important than ever for local clubs to work together to create opportunities for those who want to get into sport."