January Update - news from the club


Sally Reay: "Everyone has had enough of being flooded off the river!  We are all itching to get out on the water and with more rain forecast in February it could be some time before we can get out.  Definitely time to polish up the erg skills.  We have acquired three new ergs : two are earmarked for the para rowing group, having been funded by donations from Row2Recovery, the other is for general use.  All of the ergs have just been serviced, and although some are quite old, all are now usable.  Members are reminded that keeping the slides clean and lubricating the chains will extend the life of the machines.
A number of people have been working hard during the flooding, checking on boats and rafts and relocating them as necessary to keep them safe from rising water.  In particular thanks go to Peter Hunt and John Stephenson and team for the regular checking of rafts and launches, and also to Laurie Tilbury and his group for moving the stable quads to safety.  Bret King has been visiting the sites frequently and moving boats to safe racks and there are many others who have helped out.  Thanks to all their efforts we haven't sustained any damage to the equipment so we will be able to get started again as soon as river conditions allow.
Our friends at Longridge have been badly affected by the flooding.  They are having a clean up weekend on 15th - 16th March and it would be good to get some club members along to help them put the site back in order - please could people put a note in their diaries, we will organise groups nearer the time."
Deputy Captain
Graeme Hyman has stepped down as Deputy Captain and Andy Knill as taken over. Thanks to Graeme for his work and to Andy for taking on the role.
Thames Valley Trial Head 
Sally Reay: "In spite of the limited water time, our crews did very well at Thames Valley Trial Head on 2 February.  We won eight events at a blustery Dorney, with over four hundred crews competing. It was a good turnout for the club and promising for the future, well done to all our competitors.  With Hampton and Henley Fours both cancelled it will be some time before we have another opportunity to race!"
Sally Reay: "Kerry has been managing our kit for a couple of years but due to pressure of work she can no longer continue.  Many thanks to her for all the hard work she has put in.  We need a volunteer to take on the role of kit manager - our supply chain is now well established so it needs someone who can manage orders from club members and ensure that we have the right amount of stock on hand to satisfy demand.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact Kerry or speak to one of the committee. "


Mike Landers: "The Insurance on the clubs £380k fleet of boats is due for renewal at the end of February. Club members who have private boats can take advantage of the clubs buying power and insure their boats at a competitive rate of around £22.50 per £1,000 with a £75 excess. Whilst we're not yet going down the route many clubs have taken of making having insurance a condition of getting access to a club rack we would actively encourage everyone to insure their boat. Most of the private singles at the club are worth around £2,000 and it wouldn't take more than a minor incident for £45 worth of cover to feel like great value. Please contact the club insurance lead Mike Landers at insurance@marlowrowingclub.org.uk with: your contact details, the boats registration number (eg MAR123) make, weight, year of build and replacement value of your boat if you'd like the peace of mind that comes from being adequately covered. Mike will get back in touch with you with an invoice towards the end of February.Many thanks to Alastair for managing this activity for the club over the last 60 years...."


Ed Phillips: "Despite the rain, the rebuild has been continuing. By early December the building was demolished. By Christmas the site was completely clear allowing views of the bridge not possible for 110 years: and views of flooding not seen in several years. The piling mat - the rock layer for the piling rig to stand on - was down. Piling happened quickly once started after Christmas with the piling rig on site and finished by the 10th January. By the 19th January the piling mat was removed and the pile heads had been exposed and trenches for the beams dug. A week later more of the foundation digging and shaping was complete and the reinforcement for the pile caps was being assembled. This week the foundations for the first boat bay are clear and the rest are starting to be put in place.

Behind the scenes the property sub-committee continues work on the designs of the kitchen, bar and ventilation areas."