We are now taking bookings for the Go Row Indoor programme.

Contact: GoRow@marlowrowingclub.org.uk giving your name and date of birth. 

British Rowing has developed a new indoor rowing club model as part of the Go Row Indoor programme. The club model provides community rowing clubs with the training, support and materials needed to run Go Row Indoor classes within their club settings. These classes are designed to appeal to people in the local community looking for new forms of group exercise and can be run at times when rowing machines and gyms are not typically being used by club members.

MRC Ergos 2019

Exercise classes are now available at £2.50 per session costing approximately £10 per month. The first session is free of charge.

The sessions last one hour and are run on a Thursday morning from 10am to 11am for all ages from 18 to 90+

The exercise will consist of short sessions on the rowing machine which can be operated at whatever power suits the fitness level of the user. Also there are stretching and relaxation exercises.

Rowing machines provide good all round exercise with particular benefit for arms and legs.

The exercise classes are run by trained instructors at Marlow Rowing Club in the gym overlooking the river Thames.

You will be trained to use the rowing machines and if you wish to exercise more often than once a week you will have the option of joining the Marlow Rowing Club as a weekday morning gym member (9 am to 12 noon) for just £10 per month (£120 per annum) which includes continued participation in the exercise class.

This membership category includes social membership of the club.