Marlow had three crews racing at this years regatta, a Thames Cup eight, a Fawley quad and a Diamond Jubilee quad. Two crews came through the qualifying race, while the Diamond Jubilee crew of Rosalind Wilson, Heidi Long, Erica Holmes and Molly Harding were pre qualified, and selected following their success at Nat Schools earlier this year.

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In this edition: The Junior Sculling Head, the Women's Eights Head, Results, Safety, the President's Fundraising Dinner and Auction and more.

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Club members turned out to support Longridge in their clean up weekend on 15th and 16th March to help recover from the flood damage.  

January Update - news from the club

The Mayor of Marlow is hosting a Quiz Night on Wednesday (19th Feb) at 7.30 in support of the Watersports Hub by Marlow Rowing Club. It is at Clayton's (on the Oxford Road in Marlow) at 7.30pm. £3 entry, teams of (up to) 6. POSTER. RSVP to Suzanne Brown

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The rain over Christmas and forecast over the New Year means that we have been on red light status and for the second year running club members have been out on the Christmas Bank Holidays moving boats at Longridge to save them from flooding. The river at the club is over the landing stage, and at Longridge flooded the car park and boating area. Demolition photos here and Longridge pictures here.

The site is now completely clear, ready for piling work to commence in the new year. Demolition took much longer (and cost much more) than expected because of several finds of asbestos in the building. We had commissioned a full demolition asbestos survey in advance but they failed to find several areas of asbestos and inevitably finding these during demolition causes delays and costs.

During piling our main risk is that vibration from the piling will cause concern to the gas company. We have installed vibration monitoring (itself a delay and extensive cost) and the builders have considered how to manage this so we should be OK. Once that is done, actual building can commence.

We are running a few weeks behind schedule - the asbestos delays meant that the piling company could only come in the new year not before Christmas - but should be complete in late summer 2014.

We regret to report the death of Mr Ercolani, DSO, DFO. He was a Vice-President of the club, local furniture maker and wartime pilot.

Updated: This event is sold out.

The Mayor of Marlow is having a party on Friday 13th September in aid of her charities: Marlow Rowing Club and Marlow Age Concern. Tickets £15 - for information see the flyer