Katherine GraingerNaomi RichesIn the New Year Honours list, two MRC members have received sproting honours. Katherine Grainger has been awarded a CBE following gold in the W2x at the Olympics. Naomi Riches an MBE following gold in the MxLTA4+ at the paralympics. Congratulations to them both.

We're delighted to say that we have secured agreement for a new lease on part of our land.

Marlow Rowing Club (MRC) is pleased to announce that MRC and Longridge, the youth activity charity, have agreed to work together to improve rowing provision in Marlow. MRC and Longridge will be combining their skills to offer more opportunities for those who want to try rowing or row recreationally or during working hours.

If you've been directed here by Twitter looking for details of Naomi's Oxfam event on Sunday - see the poster - and sponsor. This is an Oxfam event, not linked to the club or our fundraising appeal.

With the formal announcement today of the Paralympic team, Marlow is in the proud position of having representatives at the Olympics and Paralympics once again. At the Olympics we have Katherine Grainger (W2x) and Zac Purchase (L2x), and at the Paralympics we will have Naomi Riches (LTA 4+). Congratulations on their selection to them all and we will be cheering them on! 

Marlow Rowers Entertain Royal Party

A Marlow Rowing Club crew took to the water on the afternoon of Monday 25 June in Henley – not to prepare for the royal regatta but to take part in a pageant laid on for the benefit of the Queen and her party who attended a garden party at Henley Business School.

RolyandCat288 sml

Congratulations to Catrin Williams Jones and Roland Baker who were married at All Saints Church Bisham on Saturday 21 January.