10_WR_ergo_TeamA team of 8 veteran rowers from Marlow Rowing Club set a new world rowing record last Saturday without getting their feet wet.
Concept 2 indoor rowing machines are widely used in the rowing and fitness world and the team from Marlow decided to supplement their training by setting a World record.
The team all in the age group 40-49  had to complete 100,000m (100 KM), as fast as possible on one machine without any break or switch time. This made quick change-overs critical. The team started with 2 minute intervals flat out then had 14 minutes to recover before their turn came round again. After 25,000m the team realised that they could not maintain the high work rate so dropped to 1 minute intervals, however the down side was  only 7 minutes rest.
As night time fell the team became weary despite trying to keep hydrated and fed, however as the end was in sight a second wind came and a strong finish resulted in a time of 5 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds at an average speed of 1 minute 39.8 seconds per 500 metres including time lost in the change-overs.
Next time you are down the gym try a couple of minutes at this pace, then think about doing it 30-40 times. The time will soon appear in the Concept 2 world records. The team was:  Shawn Collinson, Tony Ellis, Simon Huntley, Paul Mullan, Mike Parsons, Rob Robertson, Mark Ruinet, John Yeatman