Fire and Building Fund.

The loss adjusters were at the club for thee days and we are clearing up and removing fire damaged items. We will be arranging gym facilities and temporary racking and rowing resumed on 5th August. The club expects to return to competition at Maidenhead regatta later this month and all squads aim to enter crews.

In the coming three months the club will prepare for the Head season by arranging boat allocations, temporary facilities and launching provision. We believe that we can run a full competitive programme with support and understanding from members and the community. 

Over the next few years the club will need to secure its premises and rebuild, and the committee hope and believe that in three years time, this fire will be seen as a new beginning, rather than the setback it appears today.

Please contact us if you have any questions. All press enquiries should be directed to Ed Phillips or Mike Parsons. A formal press statement will be issued tomorrow and communications to members to will continue over the next few days.

The committee will be meeting again on Monday.