As I begin to write the latest issue of Round-Up my first thoughts are that it is going to be very short! I could just say 'rain, rain and yet more rain' and be done with it, but I feel that would not be considered adequate… so I'll try and dream something up to write about…….
Results – hmmm, Ben Tipney I guess is the most notable – he won the Junior Trials a couple of weeks ago, which no mean feat puts him in a fantastic position to realise his squad aspirations. Best of luck for future trials. He was also asked to attend the senior team trials and put in a very good performance there, beating many scullers a lot older than himself. Following fast in his footsteps is younger brother Dan who competed in the British Indoor Rowing Championships last weekend. Dan came away with a third place from this event, with many other young Marlow members performing very well.
Training over the last few weeks, due to weather conditions, has seen good use made of the ergos and weights at the club – I haven't seen such a steamy room in ages! On the odd occasions I have ventured down to the club over the last few weeks to do some training (OK, OK, weight maintenance as opposed to training) I've found it was motivating that the club was so busy – not so good if you can't get onto an ergo of course. (Who says? - Ed) It's frustrating all around I'm sure with only crew boats or experienced boats allowed out on the water in such conditions, if at all. This weekend hopefully will see a return to the river of smaller boats and novices. Novices must have forgotten what it's all about, having only just gotten the bit between their teeth as it was! I'm impressed to see a healthy number still around now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse – still, it can get colder yet.
Vain attempts to get information from various other sections of the club have resulted in er… nothing so far, so I'm afraid I have nothing to report from the Vets or men's sections, (come on, you lot, pull your fingers out!) other than the fact that the men seem to be into 5km ergo tests at the moment – poor sods!