Dear Club Member,

I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know about some of the things that are happening on the rowing side (Ed already does an excellent job of keeping you up to date with committee stuff).


We have just finished the most successful winter season for many years – certainly digging back through the records this century (!) I can’t find a better performance.  We ended up with over 70 wins for the winter and all squads have been involved in adding to the tally.  This bodes well for our summer racing season, and is a great testament to the strength in depth of our racing squads.  With the Easter training camps behind us, the athletes are now eager to start their racing over the shorter courses.

Our junior squads figure heavily in tomorrow’s inter regional regatta at Nottingham and we have triallists attending the GB junior small boats trial at Dorney on Sunday – good luck to them all.


The next club event is the Spring Regatta on Monday 8th May, followed by the Town Regatta on Saturday 9th June.  Please put these dates in your diary and turn out to support our crews or help on the day.  The organisers always welcome volunteers who have some time to help these events run smoothly and raise much needed funds for the club.

Club Night:

There will be a club night on Friday 18th May from 6.30.  This will include scratch races for anyone who turns up (just like the New Year’s Icebreaker), bar, barbecue and Parents Challenge.  I hope to see lots of people there supporting the club and participating in the racing.  Just register between 6pm & 6.30 and come and enjoy the evening.


FirstRow Challenge will be happening again this year, on Saturday 8th September.  Keep an eye out at the club or check the website for more details and encourage your workmates and friends to put in a crew.  We’ll be asking for volunteer coxes & coaches soon.


Just a quick word about safety – all the recent rain has led to a marked increase in the stream and the safety light system is in use.  We haven’t had much experience of fast water recently, and some of the newer members may never have been out in these conditions, so please take care.  Remember, to go out unaccompanied when the light is on amber you need to meet the requirements for gold proficiency level (details are here: ).  Beware of the fast stream pushing you across the river on the upstream bends, and remember to turn well above the bridge on amber lights.


Breakfast service will continue through the regatta season but may occasionally be suspended when the café team are away supporting their offspring at events.  The team do an excellent job and are raising a good sum of money for the fire fund so please give them your support.

Mid Week Sessions:

And finally, for those of you lucky enough to have some mid week, day time availability, we are running some club sessions.  We welcome Christy Job (a British Rowing coach) who is available on Fridays to give people coaching advice, and Bret will be running a Thursday morning group.  We also have plans for Tuesday and Wednesday groups to take people who are graduating from our 2012 Learn to Row Course (where numbers are booming).  If you want to take part in any of these sessions, just turn up or speak to one of the coaches beforehand to check what is on.

As ever, if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns on the rowing side please speak to me, Bret or Russell and let us know.

Enjoy your rowing!