On 26 July, the Marlow AGM voted appointed only its second female captain in 129 years, following Ann Redgrave's 2 years in the job in 1989/90. The lucky (some would say crazy, for taking on such a thankless task!) young lady is Charlotte Hill, known variously as Lottie, Grotty - or if you want to use one of the best boats - Ma'am.
Interviewed recently, Lottie had this to say about her path to stardom:
"I started rowing after seeing an advert in the paper at Easter 1994, when I was home from College. I'd just returned from spending the Winter in Finland at Jyvaskyla University on an Erasmus scheme, and had planned to continue my swimming after College - do that full time for a couple of years and see where it got me.
After seeing the ad, for women from other sports wanting to try for the Atlanta Olympics, I decided to apply. We has to go to the ARA for a day of testing, where I met Caroline Hodgson. The group started training on August Bank Holiday of 1994, taught by Doug Parnham at Thames Tradesmen in Chiswick. I stayed there until December 97, when I went back to Chester to complete my degree - I had taken 2 years out to row, mostly sculling, taught by Doug Parnham alongside the rowing training.
I went to trials at Ely in February 97, and did well enough to join Mike Spracklen's group when it started up at Longridge. I moved to Marlow after completing my degree, and joined MRC that summer after failing to get into the VIII.
Last summer I made the Women's 4- which raced in Lucerne at the last of the World Cup Regattas, and then went on to row in the Commonwealth Regatta in Ontario, Canada. I had planned to give up serious rowing after that, but I went out to New Zealand for the winter - their summer - and stayed with Steve and Leigh Wills in Wanganui. I enjoyed rowing there - it was so laid back and stress free - and so got back into it again on my return.
I was a member of the composite VIII that won the Women's Head this Spring, and decided to give up on a high after winning at Women's Henley.
Now I'm trying trying to find my feet on the other side of the club!"