As I am through half of my 2nd year, I thought that I should put something up to tell how things are going.

Well, first of all, anyone who tell you that being Captain is easy, hit them! It has it's ups and downs, but I do enjoy it (yes - mad I know). Here goes...

I would like to welcome the new Women's coach RUSS HALEY, who has taken over from Phil Tinsley (thanks for your many years effort). Russ has got his teeth into the coaching already, with the help of Andy Knill. They have a good women's squad which have already had some excellent performances.

Marlow, this year, has a strong men's squad with newlly appointed coaches John Gill and Sean Farally. The sqaud has not been big for a couple of years now and I was in it then -yes, I was!. So, I hope for good things from the Men's squad this year. I'm sure that John and Sean can get some tips from Jurgen on how to select crews - I was in Serville when the news about the pair and the four came out and it really was rain in Serville!

As with most recent years, the junior squads go from strength to strength. The coaching staff are Jezz Moore, Russell Peacock and his team... oh yeah, and me!

Best I not forget the oldies!! They are a big part of Marlow Rowing Club and a pain! (Only joking guys and girls!) Well done for surviving the vet's head!

I would like to mention I am moving to the dark side - or rather I'm going to coach at Clare's Court and give up the hard work of a nine to five (but most people who know me will tell you I have never done a hard day's work in my life... so I thought I would give coaching a go for a job!) I will still be coaching the junior girls at Marlow and also said I would do three years as Captain, so that remains (unless I get voted out!).

Lastly, I would like to thank all who have helped me out over the years and good luck to all squads for the coming regatta season. A team effort is what a lot of people would say!


Brett King



02bretI started my role as deputy captain first back in November 2001 with Helen Seldon, as Charlotte had joined Sir William Borlase's. I enjoyed this job and it gave me more of an understanding of what being Captain of the Club involved. It was during these months that I thought that I would like to become Captain (I think you make it what you make it).
Before I became Captain in July I was signed off from my current job with a bulging disc, this meant that I had lots of time to learn how the Club is run. Phil Tinsley and Peter Hunt were very supportive at this point, over the summer months I helped Phil down at the Club and got to meet a lot of helpful people especially some chap called Maurice from the IRA – sorry ARA!!
With my new found fame I was asked to do some driving jobs for the GB rowing team. My first was to Lucerne which was great fun but lots of hard work; my co pilot was Gary Stubbs of Thames – sorry for swearing  but it was cool.
My next job for the ARA was driving to Varase in Italy with Maurice for a GB training camp before the World Champs. Lovely scenery, lovely people, lakes, mountains and lots of girls sunbathing on the landing stages – perfect! I t was during the drive to Italy that Russ Thatcher rang to ask me whether I would like to go to the worlds in Seville after the training camp with Concept 2? Hmmm – (2 weeks in the sun now) - let me think….YES! (mental note to not think about bad back and long return drive until much later) It was a fantastic opportunity and I met lots of interesting, helpful and dare I say 'useful' rowing people, however, I tell you Russ Thatcham snores for Britain! – 'Cheers' Russ and Bob Beeman.
I also have a coaching role alongside John Gill and Russ Peacock at Marlow Rowing Club. I really enjoy this aspect of my involvement with the Club especially this year as we have had such a good season. In fact 2002 has been a good year for wins throughout the squads. Dan Tipney won his new boat (MJ18 1X) and Jenny Forrester and Helen Brewer won WJ16 2X at the National schools Regatta, Jenny and Helen going to win again at National Championships where Nick and Stu won J15 2X. Caroline Hillby won W2- and also a
won a pennant at the 4s head in the women's 4+.
We have also had three senior women representing England and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. E. Booker 4X won a gold for England, K. Rausey & L. Ferguson 2X won a Bronze for Scotland. Emily also won gold with her quad at Women's Henley.
Later in the season it was the senior men's turn at the medals, Andy & Jim winning 2- at Marlow International and according to Jim nearly having the South Africans in the goblets at HRR – sure Jim! Marlow Vets were out in force at Maidenhead, helping to regain the Victor Ludorum prize money – contrary to popular opinion they don't just turn out when it's sunny! All groups have had good wins too numerous to mention here but the details are all on the website somewhere!
Marlow is a good friendly club and I am looking forward to the Captains job – I think you have to do it for about four years if you want to see positive changes – so here's to some good years ahead!

What have I let myself in for?……………….



Top Tipney Success in Ghent & Munich

Marlow Rowing Club travelled to Ghent, Belgium for the first major club regatta of the season. The temperature was high, as was the standard, with crews from all over the UK and much of Europe - the largest ever entry for Ghent Regatta.
Marlow's up and coming star, Dan Tipney, returned champion in the Junior 16 Single Sculls, outclassing the field of over 30 entries from across the UK, Belgium, France and Germany to win by over 5 seconds. He then went on to pick up Silver with his new doubles partner from Henley in the Junior 16 Double Sculls, only beaten by giants from Germany! On Saturday, Dan achieved 10th place in Junior Single Sculls in a field of 43 entries – highly creditable for someone who has just turned 15!
02ghentm4_Marlow's other medallists came from the Senior Men's Coxed Four of Steve Power, Richard Aplin, Andy Grant, Jim Cotter and cox Kate Tucker. They beat tough opposition in their heat to progress to the final and pick up Bronze. This was the first regatta for this new crew and a great result to build upon.
Richard Aplin and Andy Grant also competed in the pairs event on Sunday and raced a high class field. The men's eight did well to come third in their heat on Saturday against top UK clubs, and showed their potential in Sunday's heat to be up on Oxford Brookes and Upper Thames over the first half of the race, but didn't manage to held their form in the later stages – no doubt there is much more to come from this crew.
02ghentw4allinonesThe women's coxless four have moved on well recently and made the final on both days, beating crews who got the better of them at Spring Ghent over Easter. Sunday's heat proved to be an exciting battle between Marlow and the Welsh crew, Rebecca, with our stroke Jo Chesney lifting the pace and drawing away, together with Helen Seldon, Caroline Hillaby and Toni Trueman to gain their place in the final.
Caroline and Toni had already battled in one of the first races of the day in the women's pairs against Scottish Rowing, being just pipped for the final in the last 250 metres. Julie McCulloch and Emily Booker raced hard in their heat of the double sculls and also in the singles on Saturday. Sunday showed their potential, when together with Avon County, they came second in their heat of Open Women's Coxless Fours and just missed a place in the final.
This was a great weekend of top racing from the Club and shows that there is potential for great success in the coming season.
Also racing at the weekend was Marlow's Ben Tipney, older brother of Dan, who represented Great Britain in the Junior Quadruple Sculls in Munich at the first major International Regatta of the season. Ben achieved a fantastic third place and a fifth place, with partner Colin Smith, in the Double Sculls.
This was Ben's first major international; he now looks set to race across Europe this summer before, hopefully, gaining selection to the Junior World Championships in August.

Charlotte Hill

Weathering the Winter Waters

River conditions are certainly putting rowers, coaches, safety officer …captain(!)....under pressure this year as there seems no end to the heavenly downpouring. Saturated ground in the surrouding area means a long dry spell appears the only way we're going to be able to row after a wet week. Even the Chairman now has a pump running permanently in his underground office, to keep him from having to paddle through the notorious caverns of 30 Wycombe Road.02flood1
Spirits remain high though - there's no end to the attempts to get crews out on our stretch of river.  The Sunday morning timed pieces - when possible - are turning into a weekly club event, with results being given out during cosy breakfasts in the Bar. The stream of people turning up and wanting to row/learn to row/scull /pick up a guy/gall… continues briskly. No doubt Chequers is gaining business from the endless stream of chaps and chappesses enquiring as to the social events of the evening when leaving the clubhouse.
A variety of rowers and scullers have been keeping MRC at the dizzy heights of the rowing league with wins by the Tipney brothers, Paul Thomas and the Women's Squad at some of the few events able to take place - Peterborough and Stourport to name the most recent. Fingers crossed there will be more racing soon, although at time of writing Wallingford Head has been cancelled.
Here's to the Spring when water conditions return to normal and the overflowing river reduces to its normal size. Now's the time to keep putting the hard work in to bank it up for the Summer. Anyone wanting encouragement on their erg tests - just ask!!

Charlotte Hill

December Developments

02seniors1Well, I feel I should be saying that life has been very boring recently with the minimum of rowing actually taking place at Marlow, but somehow, that hasn't been the case - although some groups seem to be going mad faster than others. The Senior Men's Squad are certainly losing their marbles with Chris Richards running a male version of aerobics last Saturday – unity in timing with the stunning Aerobics coach ('cotton bud' microphone accessories included) was hard to spot - fantastic entertainment though! The Tideway is starting to beckon for the real rowers however and they are most likely to be there this weekend.
The Senior Women have started venturing to Eton in small boats as the enthusiasm for training at Bisham runs thin – from the coaches anyway! The Novice Women are also off there in crews, eager to practise their rowing technique for real, instead of having a scary Captain nagging in their ear whilst on the ergo. I have to say, I saw some impressive work going on last night with more 2K tests - great to see big chunks being knocked off previous scores.02jungirls1
The Novice/Veteran Men have been taking advantage of the tank in Oxford, so no doubt improving power and creating standing tidal waves to the echo of Col Sanders' (Mike Landers to most) orders! Jane Mannerings has also been helping keep the Vets in shape with circuits each Wednesday evening – come and join in if you're feeling brave.
The Tipneys have again been making waves, with Ben and Dan both going to Junior Trials last month in Boston. Ben came 2nd out of 200 in J18, and Dan was 7th in J16. Dan went on to win a bronze medal at the Indoor Rowing Championships and Ben has been invited to the junior training camp before Christmas.
02jungirls2The Cadets group has now been revamped and is proving popular with the new intake, although much of their work has had to be land based. They are being helped by the Women's Squad who are taking a turn at each week Those who have outgrown Cadets and moved into the Development group are in desperate need of a keen enthusiastic coach, to give a couple of hours a week to build this group – they are currently training on Sunday's between 11.30 and 1.30pm.
The RGS rowing is now fully underway with year groups set up - coaches include Peter Blaseby, John Cole and Dave Rendall, along with help from one of the Men's Squad and the original group of RGS boys, who have been the instigators to getting the School started again at the club.
For now just remember 'patience is a virtue' and fingers crossed that we'll be back on the water before Christmas.

What are the pictures all about?
Reminders of racing when the water wasn't flying about in lumps - from last Summer's Molesey Regatta.
To cheer us all up!

Charlotte Hill

02lottie180x158Well, it's better than The Captain's Cabin. . . . . . . . !!

This is the Captain's page - to keep us all up to date with rowing and racing at Marlow, significant calendar events, gripes, moans, requests for help - and as a discussion forum on any or all of these points. If you want to reply or comment upon anything going on in Charlotte's area of responsibility, please e-mail her, or the Webmaster , and we'll give it an airing.

Here's her first article:

Autumn Inspiration

Since the Open Day in September, Marlow Rowing Club has seen a new lease of life, with many more people interested in learning to row. As Captain, I have been meeting those of all ages who enjoyed their initiation to rowing during our Open Day: people who used to row and have come back to revive old memories; those who watched the great success of Team GB in Sydney and were inspired, and ex-rowers who had taken time out and are now keen to get back into the sport to see what they can achieve.02twonovicewomen400
Steve's immense accomplishments over the past 20 years of rowing at top level seem to have stirred people's emotions in ways hard to describe. At the club, we have been boosted because this is where Steve began his rowing career. There are people around who had previously thought their sporting lives were done and dusted; they are reappearing at MRC with renewed enthusiasm. Those in the novice groups are already training 4 or 5 times a week, keen to get on the river and join in with the senior groups. In addition, I am trying to find enough boats for both the Men's and Women's Veteran groups who are growing and keen to be out in quads and fours.
Huge numbers trooped over to Dorney Lake on Saturday for the Supersprints, which proved to be well worthwhile (providing you got there before the gates closed due to excess numbers). There have been yet more rave reviews in the sports sections of the broadsheets, and we are looking forward to welcoming Steve and the team back officially to Marlow on Saturday with the procession through the town.
Here's to the start of an inspiring winter season. 'Happy training' to all athletes and thanks for all the help put in by club members to make events such as the Olympic Party, Rowers Revenge Triathlon and Open Day such a success.

Charlotte Hill

Part the Second

The last issue of 'Round Up' finished with athletes looking forward(?) to the start of the season's head races and the Triathlon. 
This issue is pleased to start off by announcing numerous wins at Wallingford with Paul Thomas' Senior 1 single, whilst Dan Tipney continues his winning ways both at Wallingford and again twice over at Reading, not to mention the many other wins from the Juniors – my apologies for not mentioning them all – far too numerous to mention here – for details please see the Junior section on the website. 
The Triathlon was a well attended and well organised race. Congratulations to Mike Spencer-Jones and all those who helped, and well done to Neil McCulloch for being the first MRC athlete home in a very respectable 17th place. Having competed myself I can honestly say I enjoyed it – that is until I got off my bike and my legs decided not to work during the whole of the run – plodding had not previously figured in the plan! Subsequently my time was a little disappointing. It was still nice, however, to have that sense of satisfaction of having completed the event – something Mark Ruinet won't know about, having got off his bike, run over the bridge, into the Club and into the shower – ask him why – the reply is quite interesting amusing!
All sections of the Club are now well into winter training with ergo tests taking place all around. Having helped in the timing and encouragement of the novice women's tests on Tuesday, it's at times like these when it certainly is nice to be retired! Ergo tests I don't miss!
Well, this weekend I know a lot of the juniors are involved in the Henley Scullers Head – excuse my ignorance of the rest of the club – I don't know if any of the seniors/veterans are entered – my next report will list notable results of course. What I do know is that the weather forecast is going to be appalling and very windy! My thoughts are with you!! Something else I don't miss – windy and rough conditions! Good luck to all!
The weekend after that sees the Fours Head. This year Marlow doesn't hold the title for the largest number of crews entered, but if we get better results this time around then surely that doesn't matter in the slightest. Early start - race kicks off at 0930! Guess what – early starts - something else I don't miss!!
On a final note – don't forget – if you are out on the river in the evenings make sure you display a white light on your bow and stern canvas – anyone caught without one or both will be in deep doo doo.