Marlow Rowing Club – New Kit and Blazer Collection

Monday 7th May 10am – 1pm

Come and try on for size our new kit and for those that ordered blazers recently, they are ready to collect.

We will be opening an online ordering page on Tuesday the 8th for Regatta Sport items (AIO’s etc) other items can be ordered on the day.

New Kit.

Firstly, thank you to all those that took the time to view our new kit and take part in the subsequent survey. There is more on this to below.

We are now at the stage where we want to launch the key elements and to place initial orders for the new kit. The majority of items will be available to order ‘on line’, where you will select the item, size, make payment and a bespoke order will be raised for you. There are some items that are from a different supplier where we will revert to an order form.

I am planning to have the ordering screen open for 14 days from Tuesday 8th May, to give sufficient time for orders to be placed. The lead time on these initial orders will be approximately six week. The other items ordered manually will be 2-3 weeks.

I will put sizing charts on the club kit page and they will also be available on line when you place an order. However, I appreciate as this is a new supplier and the sizing is a little different to JL’s, I intend doing some sizing sessions where you can try on the samples we have to get a better idea of the size you require.

The first session will be on Monday May 7th – Club Spring Regatta & BBQ – From 10am to 1pm in the gym.

·         Second session will be Thursday 10th May 8pm-9:30pm in the bar.

·         Third session TBC


It is the clubs intention that the new colour will become compulsory from the start of the Regatta season 2019. Until then crews can wear either the new or old versions – AS LONG AS ALL OF THE CREW WEAR THE SAME COLOUR – this is a British Rowing rule, the crew will be disqualified if they do not adhere to this.


To remind everyone, the reason why we have spent a lot of time researching and working with different providers to select our new kit supplier, is that the existing AIO is NOT club colour and we do not have any co-ordinating kit to go with it. For many years the club has accepted standard stock colours from suppliers which led to an uncoordinated look and the wrong colour. What we have selected is Cardinal Red which is Marlow RC’s traditional colour and a supplier that gives us good flexibility and options on different types of kit, Regatta Sport supply the Canadian and Danish national rowing teams as well as many other professional sports bodies.


It is important to note that NOT ALL ELEMENTS of the new kit are finalised as yet, particularly the younger juniors and JDS, this primarily involves an alternative to the AIO (cheaper option) but all other items can be used by all.




As part of our new kit we have outerwear and base layers in club colours, this has been an important part of the feedback that we have received from members, that when racing or walking around at regattas they wanted to wear club colours.


However, all members must note that it is British Rowing policy that hi-viz items must be warn in poor light and bad weather – in addition the club wants to see hi-viz worn at all times, when on the water.


To ensure that all members can adhere to this we are introducing the following items…

·         Splash top in hi-viz

·         Gilet in hi-viz

·         Gamex tops (lighter outerwear) in hi-viz

o   In both sleeved and gilet versions

·         Base layers in hi-viz

·         Hi-viz training bibs

o   These are the cheapest option and are designed to go over other training tops and if you are de-layering can be put back on - even over an AIO. They are made of a mesh fabric and are therefore breathable and suitable to wear summer or winter.




Results of recent survey…


1.       The AIO solid red was preferred 67% to 33%

2.       On the splash top the ¼ zip was preferred 61% to 38%

3.       Lounge pants – should we have them as part of our kit? The response was 50/50

a.       We will look at this again for the Autumn

4.       Leggings, should we have an alternative design for training, like the SM’s Swan version.

a.       The response was again 50/50 and we will work with individual squads on this


Other Feed Back

·         Sizing on the leggings is too short for our taller members

o   A ‘tall’ version is available and can be selected when you order

·         The fabric on the leggings is a little thin.

o   This is a modern light weight fabric and is designed to be flexible and breathable when training without holding excess heat.

o   They are only slightly thinner than the current JL version.

o   For those wishing to have a thicker fabric and a more thermal option for the winter we are introducing a second legging.

·         The cut and seem on the men’s AIO, some comments on it not running in the correct direction.

o   The cut is exactly the same as the current JL version

·         The bottoms of the AIO’s are not lined.

o   This is because a more modern ‘wicking’ fabric is used, which is quicker to dry and (apparently) more comfortable to wear. Overall it gives a lighter weight garment compared to the JL lined version.

·         Ladies AIO.

o   The top section is double lined

o   These are available in racer back and normal back.

§  You will need to select the NORMAL back when you order, as the racer back is supplied as standard.





1.     1.  Go to 

2.     2.  Select iTeams on the top left of the menu bar

3.      3. Password is cardinal2018 

4.     4. Order your kit as normal

5.      5. Your order will be individually packed, but all orders will be

delivered together to the club and you will be contacted to collect

6.      6. There is a small flat-rate picking, packing and shipping fee for each

  order to cover this service




You can order directly from me the new hoodies, sweatshirts, track bottoms and base layers. We also have in stock various items of current kit that can be used for training etc.

I will update the order form for these items.

 speak to Malcolm Roels ( Twitter:  )

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