Can I row today? - Safety and requirements for oarsmen and coxes. These are important and you should read them.


Reporting Accidents and near-misses: why it matters and how to do it.


If you are planning to go out on the water in a club launch, then you must:

  • have a full rowing membership, or a coach membership;
  • be capable of swimming;
  • comply with the safety lights and fog rules (unless assessing light status as a safety check);
  • comply with the night boating rules;
  • wear a lifejacket;
  • have RYA level 2 motor boat licence;
  • be on the club list of boat users;
  • be using the launch in accordance with the Rowing Sub-committee's rules on fuel useage; and
  • carry a radio (and know how to use it).

In the clubhouse the safety points to consider are:

  • juniors may not use the gym equipment unsupervised by an adult;
  • seniors are advised against using weights equipment alone;
  • gym equipment should have the weights removed and be packed away and wiped down after use;
  • blisters are not an accident in rowing: tape is available from the canteen/bar: the first aid kit is for accidents only;
  • fire escapes are the front door and side door; and
  • care should be taken on landing stages in icy weather. There is sand by the side steps which can be used for grip on the landing stages etc.

The club has undertaken risk assessments and written a safety plan. There is also a safety report.