We've been sent this email about the sewage problem in the Tideway by the Thames Regional Rowing Council:


"Dear All,

Some of you will be aware of the sewage which has been swilling around in the Tideway for most of the summer. Thames Water has been allowed to make sewage discharges but this has been going on for so long now that the TRRC has to raise the issue. The discharges are getting worse, Thames Water has just been allowed to under-invest for too long, and their proposals, which would have no effects for at least five years, would not fully address the problem.


This is not just a problem for Tideway people, it is also a problem for crews visiting the Tideway. There is some evidence that the people worst affected by infections caused by the sewage are those new to the Tideway, i.e. those starting rowing etc and visitors. Regulars seem to develop some resistance to the bugs floating around.


There is lots of lobbying going on, and an ‘epetition [to the Prime Minister]’ has been set up to complain about the sewage swilling around in the river. It would help if we can get all potential users of the Tideway to sign. Please help us, and yourselves by passing the link below to all and sundry among your contacts. Please ask clubs to get all their members, their parents, partners etc. and anyone around the clubs to complete it. The more people we have signing the more we are likely to get some pressure put on Thames Water.


The link is also on the Tideway Slug.


Thanks for your help,


Bill Mitchell


(on behalf of the TRRC sewage group)"