An important part of us all enjoying rowing safely is to report incidents and accidents. It helps the club to understand risk and take the necessary actions to improve safety. In turn this benefits us all. It is recognised as being important by British Rowing and forms part of RowSafe. As such, it is an obligation on the club and its members.


personInWaterAn incident is something that was or could have led to an accident involving injury or damage. This includes:

  • Capsize or falling in the river

  • Collision or near miss

  • Swamping

  • Equipment failure

  • River users not following the safety procedures

  • Health related incident e.g. water borne disease

  • Incidents on land e.g. in the gym or with trailers

Reporting is basically down to all of us. The principle is that if you see an incident, report it. If you don’t you’re effectively condoning what happened and have done nothing to stop it happening again. If you do, it gives the club a chance to put something in place to stop it happening again or to reduce the risk if it does.

  1. Online at the British Rowing website (either anonymously or under your name)

  2. To your coach or a committee member

  3. To Mike Parsons – Club Water Safety Advisor