1. A base station and four mobile radios are available for use at MRC. The radios are secured in the kitchen and are kept on charge when not in use. The base station is on the sculling rack side of the boating fairy's bay in a secure cupboard.

2. The radios are only to be used by authorised coaches and club officials and are only to be used for club activities on the River Thames between Temple Lock and Cookham. The radios are not to be removed for use at any other location or for any other purpose without the prior permission of the Safety Adviser who is the registered licence holder.

3. The radios are programmed for use on M and M2 frequencies in accordance with the licence conditions. These frequencies are also legally used by Upper Thames Sailing Club and certain other water sport centres in the West London and Thames Valley areas. The main club frequency will be M, but in the event of heavy radio traffic by other users, M2 is the back up. Frequency changes must be co-ordinated with other MRC users, or operators may find themselves with no one to talk to. If Upper Thames Sailing Club is operating, please co-operate with any requests over frequency use, but remember that neither party has exclusive use of M and M2 frequencies. A spirit of co-operation and radio discipline is therefore essential.

4. A handbook on the radio controls is located in the kitchen cupboard in which the radios are kept. All operators are to ensure they are familiar with the instructions prior to use. Misuse will cause damage, for which the user will be held responsible. Radios are to be signed out in the book provided.

5. When switched on, the radios will automatically set to high power. This is to be switched to lower power before use to preserve battery charge. If, in an emergency situation, communication is intermittent, high power may be selected.

6. Radios are not to be used without the waterproof bouyancy covers. These radios, whilst waterproof, will sink if they are dropped overboard without the cover being fitted.

7. The radios are not toys, but are licensed for official use by the club. All use is to be conducted responsibly and obscene language is NOT to be used. Failure to comply with this may result in prosecution of the Club and its officials and/or withdrawal of the Wireless Telegraphy Act Licence.

8. The callsign of the Club base Station is "Marlow Boathouse". When using the mobiles the callsign is the name of the launch e.g. "Culligan". Users should identify the unit they are calling, who they are and use the term "over " at the end of the message to signify that they have finished. The phrase "over and out" is not necessary (but will add to morale). An example of a call is:

"Marlow Boathouse, this is Culligan, please confirm that the Captain is now off the water, over."

9. When finished with, the radios are to be returned to the Kitchen Radio cupboard in a dry condition and placed in the charging bracket.