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The club has a number of honorary, olympic/paralympic and famous members, past and present.


Sir Steve Redgrave CBE - Five Olympic golds, one Olympic bronze, 9 World golds, 2 World silvers and a World bronze plus many Henley medals.

(Olympic Games: 1984 Gold 4+, 1988 Gold 2- & Bronze 2+, 1992 Gold 2-, 1996 Gold 2-, 2000 Gold 4-. World Championships: 1986 Gold 2+, 1987 Gold 2- & Silver 2+, 1989 Silver 2-, 1990 Bronze 2-, 1991 Gold 2-, 1993 Gold 2-, 1994 Gold 2-, 1995 Gold 2-, 1997 Gold 4-, 1998 Gold 4-,  1999 Gold 4-. Commonwealth Games: 1986 Gold 1x, 2- and 4+. five times winner of the Wingfield sculls. Henley Royal: Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge Cup (7 times, twice with Andy Holmes), the Stewards' Challenge Cup (4-, 5 times), Diamond Challenge Sculls (twice), Double Sculls Challenge Cup, and the Queen Mother Challenge Cup (4x, once). Also in the GB bobsleigh team 89/90!)

Sir Steve was born in Marlow, went to Great Marlow School and lives in a village near Marlow. He rowed for the club in the 1980s. He is on the committee of the Marlow Town Regatta and Festival. He occasionally rows at the club, where he is an honorary member.


Lady (Anne) Redgrave - Rowed in 1984 Olympics (W8o) but for Marlow remembered as our first female club captain (in 1989, over 100 years after the club was founded).


Katherine Grainger MBE- Three time olympic silver medallist, four times world champion

Kath Grainger with club members

(Olympic Games: 2008 Silver W4x, 2004 Silver W2-, 2000 Silver W4x. World Rowing Championships: 2007 Gold W4x, 2006 Gold W4x, 2005 Gold W4x, 2003 Gold W2-, 2002 5th W4x, 2001 5th W2-, 2001 6th W8+, 1999 7th W4x, 1997 Bronze W8+. World Rowing U23 Championships: 1997 Gold W2-. GB Rowing Senior Trials: 2008 1st W1x, 2007 1st W1x
2006 1st W1x, 2005 1st W1x, 2004 1st W1x, 2001 1st W2-, 1998 1st W1x)


Sarah Winckless - Olympic bronze medallist, twice world champion

(Olympic Games: 2008 5th W8o, 2004 Bronze W2x, 2000 9th W2x. World Rowing Championships: 2006 Gold W4x, 2005 Gold W4x, 200308_kathg_sarahw_zacp_post_beijing 4th W4x, 2002 5th W4x, 1999 7th W4x, 1998 8th W8+. FISU World University Rowing Championships: 1998 Silver W1x)


 Zac Purchase - Olympic gold medallist

(Olympic Games: 2008 Gold Lwt2x. World Rowing Championships: 2007 Bronze LM2x, 2006 Gold LM1x, 2005 Silver LM1x. World Rowing U23 Championships: 2005 Gold LM1x. GB Rowing Senior Trials: 2007 1st LM1x)

Zac rowed for the club as a junior and has since acheived Olympic success. He is an Honorary Member.


Cath Bishop - Olympic silver medallist

(Olympic Games: 2004 Silver W2-, also rowed in 2000 (W2-) and 1996 (W8o) Olympics. plus many other top level results)




Naomi Riches - Paralympic bronze medallist, Three time world champion

(Paralympic Games: 2008 Bronze LTA4+. World Rowing Championships: 2007 Silver LTA4+, 2006 Gold LTA4+, 2005 Gold LTA4+, 2004 Gold LTA4+)

A regular member of our women's development squad, Naomi has since rowed at the Paralympics and still trains at the club. She is partially sighted and rows in the LTA (Legs, Trunks, Arms) adaptive four. Naomi is an Honorary Member.


Mike Spracklen - Coach to Olympic and world champions, and former club captain and coach

Mike Spracklen is currently coach to the Canadian rowing team, but has previously coached the GB and USA teams. His teams have won 8 Olympic medals and 8 World championship medals. In the 1950's he was himself a top level rower, winning at the 1958 Empire and Commonweath Games. He coached at the club for a while, was club captain in 1959, 1972 and 1973 and coached Steve Redgrave early in his career. Canadian press article about him.