As I am through half of my 2nd year, I thought that I should put something up to tell how things are going.

Well, first of all, anyone who tell you that being Captain is easy, hit them! It has it's ups and downs, but I do enjoy it (yes - mad I know). Here goes...

I would like to welcome the new Women's coach RUSS HALEY, who has taken over from Phil Tinsley (thanks for your many years effort). Russ has got his teeth into the coaching already, with the help of Andy Knill. They have a good women's squad which have already had some excellent performances.

Marlow, this year, has a strong men's squad with newlly appointed coaches John Gill and Sean Farally. The sqaud has not been big for a couple of years now and I was in it then -yes, I was!. So, I hope for good things from the Men's squad this year. I'm sure that John and Sean can get some tips from Jurgen on how to select crews - I was in Serville when the news about the pair and the four came out and it really was rain in Serville!

As with most recent years, the junior squads go from strength to strength. The coaching staff are Jezz Moore, Russell Peacock and his team... oh yeah, and me!

Best I not forget the oldies!! They are a big part of Marlow Rowing Club and a pain! (Only joking guys and girls!) Well done for surviving the vet's head!

I would like to mention I am moving to the dark side - or rather I'm going to coach at Clare's Court and give up the hard work of a nine to five (but most people who know me will tell you I have never done a hard day's work in my life... so I thought I would give coaching a go for a job!) I will still be coaching the junior girls at Marlow and also said I would do three years as Captain, so that remains (unless I get voted out!).

Lastly, I would like to thank all who have helped me out over the years and good luck to all squads for the coming regatta season. A team effort is what a lot of people would say!


Brett King