Part the Second

The last issue of 'Round Up' finished with athletes looking forward(?) to the start of the season's head races and the Triathlon. 
This issue is pleased to start off by announcing numerous wins at Wallingford with Paul Thomas' Senior 1 single, whilst Dan Tipney continues his winning ways both at Wallingford and again twice over at Reading, not to mention the many other wins from the Juniors – my apologies for not mentioning them all – far too numerous to mention here – for details please see the Junior section on the website. 
The Triathlon was a well attended and well organised race. Congratulations to Mike Spencer-Jones and all those who helped, and well done to Neil McCulloch for being the first MRC athlete home in a very respectable 17th place. Having competed myself I can honestly say I enjoyed it – that is until I got off my bike and my legs decided not to work during the whole of the run – plodding had not previously figured in the plan! Subsequently my time was a little disappointing. It was still nice, however, to have that sense of satisfaction of having completed the event – something Mark Ruinet won't know about, having got off his bike, run over the bridge, into the Club and into the shower – ask him why – the reply is quite interesting amusing!
All sections of the Club are now well into winter training with ergo tests taking place all around. Having helped in the timing and encouragement of the novice women's tests on Tuesday, it's at times like these when it certainly is nice to be retired! Ergo tests I don't miss!
Well, this weekend I know a lot of the juniors are involved in the Henley Scullers Head – excuse my ignorance of the rest of the club – I don't know if any of the seniors/veterans are entered – my next report will list notable results of course. What I do know is that the weather forecast is going to be appalling and very windy! My thoughts are with you!! Something else I don't miss – windy and rough conditions! Good luck to all!
The weekend after that sees the Fours Head. This year Marlow doesn't hold the title for the largest number of crews entered, but if we get better results this time around then surely that doesn't matter in the slightest. Early start - race kicks off at 0930! Guess what – early starts - something else I don't miss!!
On a final note – don't forget – if you are out on the river in the evenings make sure you display a white light on your bow and stern canvas – anyone caught without one or both will be in deep doo doo.