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Dip Your Toe In The Water?

Adult Learn-to-Row

We are keen to teach every adult who is interested in rowing at Marlow. We welcome all ages, male and female, and all levels of interest, from serious athletes who wish to row competitively, to those who simply want to enjoy the pleasures of rowing along our beautiful stretch of the river. Typically we teach around one hundred adults to row every year. A large number have stayed with us and now form parts of our Development, Senior, Masters and Recreational squads.


Crew Sculling Course

This is the perfect way to learn if you have not rowed before or have little experience of water-based sports.  Not only do you get to learn the core sculling techniques, but you have the benefit of doing so alongside other people.  Under this option, you learn in a crew of people sculling with two oars each.  You will receive a mixture of land- and water-based coaching sessions.  At the end of these sessions, our aim is that you will be fully capable of sculling in a crew boat to the standard required to progress to one of our development groups.  

Single Sculling Course

This is a great way to learn to scull in a single once you have completed the crew sculling course or if you already have some rowing experience and are fully confident on the water.  You will receive 1:1 sessions with a dedicated and fully-qualified coach to learn to row in a single scull with two oars. The aim is to ensure you learn the right techniques to get the best out of your sculling and that you are competent to go out in a single scull by yourself.  This is judged in an assessment at the end of the program.  Once you have passed the assessment, you will be able to scull in a single or with others in a double or quad in normal weather conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course last?

The basic course consists of fifteen hours of contact time split into two 75-minute sessions each week for 6 weeks.  The induction session will include time in the boathouse and gym with subsequent sessions taking place on the water.  We will be offering both weekend and weekday courses, starting in April, June and August.


The individual sculling conversion course is split into four 75-minute sessions that are timed to suit your availability. 

Is it safe?

Yes. You will be given a stable boat, and buoyancy aids are available on request.  Single scullers will be accompanied by a safety launch at all times. We encourage all of our participants to read the supporting documents provided.

Appropriate COVID-secure protocols are in place to ensure the safety of learners and coaches. 

What should I bring?

We ask that all participants come prepared with comfortable sports kit including trainers, a complete change of clothes and a towel in the event of a capsize, a waterproof top, a water bottle, sun cream and a sun hat, and an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm!

How much does it cost?

The basic sculling course costs £300 for 15 hours of coaching.

The single sculling course costs £200 for five hours of coaching (£40/hour); this is discounted to £150 (£30/hour) if you have undertaken the basic sculling course first.  Additional sessions can be scheduled if needed to achieve the required level of competence and are charged at the same hourly rate.

What next?

There are a few options depending on your personal goals, aptitude and commitment.  Progression through one of our Development squads can lead either to the Recreational squad that trains as often or as little as they like, or to our Senior and Masters performance squads that train 6 days a week. Please click here to see our squads.

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