Would you like to order a club blazer? 

Do you want it in time for Henley Royal Regatta?  …………..Now is the time!

 The club blazers come in two different styles made of satin lined 100% wool in, blue with cardinal trim or cream with cardinal trim and can be ordered with club buttons and an authentic gold wire club blazer badge.

  •  They can be available for both men and women.
  • The basic blazers are around £260 with buttons about £25 extra. I cannot be more precise about the price because it may vary slightly from that quoted, depending on the individual order.
  • The last club order was in 2004 so you can see that the opportunity does not present itself very frequently.
  • Club buttons will be available separately, provided that they are ordered.
  • I intend to take provisional orders to kick-start the service and then to arrange for the supplier to hold a measuring session at the club some time after Christmas. Probably in January or February.
  • I need a minimum of 6 orders for this service to take place free of charge. Depending on numbers, more than one measuring session may be scheduled.
  • Having been measured for your blazer you will be required to place an official order with the manufacturer, probably with a deposit. After that, the club will play no further part in the ordering or delivery process.


Please contact me if you want to place an initial order.

           PETER HUNT, e-mail: mail@pmh.me.uk, mobile: 07780674111