A message to Members from the Captain:

I am pleased to report that we will be able to take the next step in the move back on to the club site this coming weekend.  We will need plenty of bodies to help with this on Saturday morning, so please come along after your outing or lie-in (and/or coffee!), and please bring some spanners, screwdrivers etc.

On Saturday morning, we will be re-aligning the existing boat racks under the bridge, taking down the temporary blade racks that are by them, and erecting a new boat rack at that end.  We will also be erecting two more boat racks alongside the clubhouse. 

We will then need to move the club boats on to their correct racks, move the private boats on to their allocated racks, and move all the club and private blades on to their correct racks.

The suggested order/hopeful timing for doing all this - on Saturday - is:-

10.30                     Re-aligning boat racks under the bridge, dismantling blade rack and moving blades on to racks in clubhouse.

11.30                     Erecting blade racks alongside clubhouse.

12.30                     Moving all boats and blades on to their correct racks.  

13.30                     Beer and pizza!

Those of you with private racks should already know which is your rack.  But a list of allocated racks will be posted in the club bays for reference.  If you need to clarify/confirm this, please contact Suzie at racking@marlowrowingclub.org.uk

Finally, if you have a boat and/or blades at the club which should not be there, please will you ensure that it is/they are removed by early Saturday morning at the latest.

Many thanks for your help.  I look forward to seeing you at the weekend.

Jonathan Walne