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Legal Stuff

Marlow Rowing Club is a company registered in England and limited by guarantee number 07954383 and registered charity number 1148327. It has a trading subsidiary, Marlow Rowing Club Limited 8181167. Both are registered at Marlow Rowing Club, Marlow Bridge Lane, Marlow, SL7 1RH. .

Note that Marlow Regatta, Marlow Town Regatta and Festival are run by legally separate organising committees. See their own websites for details.

Racking: Rules

Membership: Rules

Data Protection/Privacy: Statements

Distance Selling Regulations etc: The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (no. 2334) (“DSR”) provide some protection to consumers who purchase goods or services over the Internet or by post. This may not apply to applications for memberships, which are not contracts for services, and likewise supply of goods or services by the club to its members may be excluded to some degree. Entries for most rowing events are dealt with via BROE (the British ¬†Rowing entries system) but some events (mainly social, non-BR events or courses) can be applied for via this website and these regulations may apply. to the extent that they do, the required information is as follows:

Para 7 and Para 8 required information:

  • Identity of supplier and address, see above;
  • the goods/services will be explained on the specific pages, but generally consist of an entry to an event subject to the rules of that event, or a course;
  • the price of the entry will be detailed on the relevant page;
  • any delivery cost will be explained as part of the relevant page;
  • the arrangement for payment, delivery and performance consist of the payment instructions on the page and terms and conditions of the event, together with any “notes for competitors”, safety instructions and instructions from marshals on the day;
  • WHERE THE DSR APPLY, you have a right of cancellation provided under the DSR: there are different rules for goods and services but the gist of it is that you have seven days from the date you receive the goods or the contract for services is concluded, and you forfeit the right if the services start to be supplied before then, or if the goods are personalised goods, or there is some other reason why the contract can’t be undone (e.g. you’ve already eaten the food!)
  • there are no extra costs for using distance communications beyond the standard costs of internet access etc.;
  • the period for which a price or offer is valid will be marked in each specific case, but by default prices apply to the year of the event only, may vary for entries on the day, and events may have a cut-off date for entry;
  • any minimum durations for contracts will be marked, but generally the only contracts with durations are entry fees and racking fees;
  • we do not generally intent to replace the goods or services with goods or services of equivalent quality and price, but we do not exclude our rights to do so;
  • currently we do not supply any goods so cost/risk of return issues do not apply;
  • any complaints can be directed to the race organisers, course organisers or failing that, the club committee;
  • there are no after-sales services or guarantees applicable; and
  • none of our contracts last for more than 1 year, so no relevant issues apply.

E-Commerce Directive:

The Electronic Commerce (Council Directive) Regulations 2002 (No. 2013) (“ECR”) regulation 9 requires the following information in relation to electronicly concluded contracts (note that, in some cases you will send a paper entry form so this may not apply, and there may be other cases where it doesn’t apply either because they are not covered by the regulations):

  • (technical steps required) all online contracts are completed by filling out a form, then making any relevant online payment via our external payment gateway (we don’t hold the credit card details on our site);
  • (filing of contract) we will records the existence of contracts for the benefit of the race organiser or fulfiling the order, but we don’t store more information than we need to (see data protection, above);
  • (technical means for correction) correction requests should be made by email, post or phone to the race organiser involved, which should be marked for each event; and
  • (languages allowed) English;
  • (codes of conduct) the club complies with the British Rowing guidance for clubs.
  • (terms and conditions) are listed on this page and in other locations.