Marlow FirstRow Challenge Regatta Conditions and Rules 

1. Date, Place and Organisers 

1.1 The Marlow FirstRow Challenge regatta will take place on 4 September 2010, on the River Thames, operating from Marlow Rowing Club (MRC). MRC reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event at their reasonable discretion (in particular, if the river conditions would make it unsafe). If the organisers are forced to cancel the race day for reasons outside of their control then no refund will be made. 

1.2 The organisers of the event are Marlow Rowing Club. 

2. Format of Regatta 

2.1 The regatta is limited to 24 crews. 

2.2 Each crew must consist of complete beginners, who will be allocated an experienced cox by the organisers.  

2.3 The format of races will be at the discretion of the organizing committee. 

3. Restrictions on entrants 

3.1 Crews will be accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis. 

3.2 Crews must complete an introductory land session and at least three of the water training sessions, provided by the organisers. 

3.3 All entrants must be complete rowing beginners. The organisers may exclude anyone who: 

3.3.1 is a member of any rowing club (whether Amateur Rowing Association affiliated or not); 

3.3.2 has had any formal rowing tuition in the past; 

3.3.3 has participated in rowing as a sport previously; or

3.3.4 rowed in last year's FirstRow; 

or is, in the opinion of the organisers, not a "complete beginner".

3.4 All entrants must be 18 years old or above. 

3.5 All entrants must be able to swim at least 100 meters in light clothing in cold water (i.e. in the Thames). 

3.6 Rowing involves strenuous physical exercise and so entrants should not take part if they may have a heart problem, back problem or other injury or disease that might be aggravated by rowing, or if they are pregnant. If in doubt entrants should seek advice from their GP. 

3.7 No entrant may be in more than one crew. 

3.8 Crews can enter as an all male, all female or a mixed crew. Mixed crews should be made up of at least two females. 

4. Safety 

4.1 All entrants must comply with the safety rules and instructions of Marlow Rowing Club and the organising committee. 

4.2 The cox is like the captain of a boat and any instructions given by the cox must be obeyed. Any person who does not comply with safety instructions or the instructions of the cox may be banned from the regatta and their entry fee will not be refunded. 

4.3 Entrants who have: 

4.3.1 failed to attend at least three training sessions (or failed to provide sufficient dates for training to allow them to attend three sessions properly spaced out); or 

4.3.2 have attended enough training sessions but are still unsafe (in the opinion of the organising committee); 

may be excluded from the regatta and will not have their entry fee refunded. 

4.4 Crew members may not consume alcoholic beverages on the day of the regatta until they have finished their last race for the day. The organisers may disqualify any crew which does not comply. 

5. Limits on Liability 

5.1 Rowing is a very safe sport, but accidents can happen in any physical activity. 

5.2 While using MRC boats you are covered by the insurance policy of Marlow Rowing Club against damage to the boat and any damage or injury to a third party. The club's insurance policy does not cover you for any personal injury or other loss or damage and you should obtain your own insurance.

5.3 There are some types of claim that cannot be limited or excluded from contracts, for example liability for fraudulent misrepresentation and personal injury or death caused by negligence. To the extent that the law does not allow these claims to be excluded or limited, they are not excluded or limited from this contract. 

5.4 Subject to 5.3, the liability of MRC and its committee, servants, agents, members and volunteers (taken together) for any loss, damage or claim of any nature or type shall not exceed £50.