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Included in your entry will be three water based training sessions, plus an introductory land session at Marlow Rowing Club.

Land Training

07frc_land_trainingThere will be a land training session on Sunday 25th July at 4pm at which crews will be talked through the basics of good technique, safety, use of the rowing machines and introduced to the equipment.

Once the water training begins, we aim to provide complementary erg sessions (rowing machine sessions) on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Places will be limited, so please email to reserve your place before turning up.

Water Training

This is where you actually learn to row - sessions are in the period from July to just before the day. You should have three sessions in a coxed four (i.e. four people rowing with one oar each and the cox sitting at the stern (back) steering and giving instructions. Your cox will be providing most of the coaching but during most sessions there will also be coaches out in launches to provide backup and advice from outside of the boat. During these sessions you will be taught how to take a stroke, move in the boat, move in time and most importantly race!

The water sessions will last about an hour on the water, but please allow time before and after for getting ready, and a debrief afterwards. Please assume that the sessions will go ahead whatever the weather unless your cox or a coach calls it off.

In total this is just over an hour on three occasions.


You will be asked on your entry form for your availability. All crews should complete three sessions, and the last two weeks are reserved for final sessions and emergencies, so you will need to make sure that your crew is available on a range of dates. Note that we only have a limited number of training slots, so the more flexible you make yourself the more likely you are to get one that suits you. If you are not available for training, or do not complete three sessions, we may have to exclude your crew, so please make the effort!