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Find friends, keep fit, have fun!

Recreational rowing

The ‘recs’ are a group of friendly, like-minded, self-organised adult rowers who got together to enjoy the river and the sport without the commitment of squad training. Our aim is to row in a social context, offer each-other help and support and get the best from our Marlow Rowing Club membership. 

We have regular outings on our home stretch, often on Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday late mornings. To add variety we often go night rowing, through the lock to Cookham and in the summer do long rows with a picnic or a pub stop. We hope to take part in more activities such as touring events, fun regattas, time trials, and tank sessions.

There is a strong social aspect to recreational rowing at Marlow. Members often meet up for a drink and a chat after an outing either in the club room or on the affluent high street, in addition to the regular club social events. 

We have access to MRC’s extensive fleet of ‘bookable’ boats, of which we mainly use singles, doubles and quads. We also have our own eight just to add a bit of diversity.

All members are welcome to organise outings at any time, which is done with both an email list and a WhatsApp group.

We do not charge any fees on top of the basic MRC membership fee, as we don’t employ any coaches. There is no training or attendance commitment so you are welcome to be a member of our group as well as any other squad.