Today (23rd February) was junior GB long distance trials in Boston, Lancs. MRC scullers performed very strongly - with top 5 results for both girls and boys squads.

1st Division


  •  5th - Abi Armstrong (composite with Walton BC)


  •  3rd - Alex Haynes (and only 0.1s behind 2nd in a 20 minute race)
  •  6th - Fraser Russell (and only 0.1s behind 5th in a 20 minute race)


  • 2nd - Rosalind Wilson
  • 4th - Molly Harding
  • 5th - Erica Holmes
  • 8th - Heidi Long

2nd Division


  • 1st -Josh Kent/Sholto Carnegie
  • 5th - Charlie Simon/Harry Glenister

(2nd was Seb Devereux, now of Leander but until recently at MRC)

SUNDAY (Article updated 25th Feb)


  • 4th - Abi Armstrong (composite with Walton RC)

J16 W2x

  • 1st Molly Harding and Rosalind Wilson (in a time which would have put them 3rd in JW2x)


  • 3rd Heidi Long and Erica Holmes (still only J16)


  • 2nd Sholto Carnegie and Harry Glenister
  • 8th Josh Kent and Charlie Simon

J16 M2x

  • 1st Alex Haynes and Fraser Russell