MRC has 4 boats in Henley Royal Regatta this year. Merely to qualify requires significant effort so well done to those crews. 

Draw: Fawley MJ4x Marlow 'A' Selected v Radley college or Westminster 'B' [Thurs]
Fawley MJ4x Marlow 'B' v Dart Totnes ARC [Wed, 11.50]
Wyfold M4- Marlow v Nottingham RC [Wed, 7.30pm]
 Thames M8o Marlow v Grosvenor RC Result: MRC win by 2/3

Wednesday Timetable: 
 4 09.15 7.30pm Wyfold 217 Marlow RC v 225 Nottingham RC
16 10:30 Thames 29 Grosvenor RC v 37 Marlow RC Result: MRC win by 2/3 length
30 11:50 Fawley 272 Dart Totnes ARC v 290 Marlow RC 'B'