Marlow crews returned from Nottingham with a haul of medals from National Schools Regatta 2014.  Over a weekend which had them alternately reaching for waterproofs, fleeces and sun cream, they managed to gain medals in six events.

  Golden girls were Heidi Long, Erica Holmes, Molly Harding and Rosalind Wilson who topped the weekend by winning the Championship Girls Quad on Sunday.  Heidi and Molly also won gold in the Championship Girls doubles on Saturday.  

Our boys started the weekend off well with a bronze medal in the J15 2x in tricky conditions on Friday. Well done to Ben and Chris.    Not to be outdone, the J15 girls eight put in a thrilling performance to win silver in their event on Saturday.  On Sunday the J15 girls split up into quads and the second quad brought home a well deserved bronze.  Meanwhile the J15 boys also raced well in their quads, and the second quad collected silver 

Having suffered a flood disrupted training programme the youngsters put in sterling performances and show great promise for the future.

Marlow reached the finals in no fewer than twelve events of the eighteen entered.  A fantastic performance given everything that the river gods have thrown at us this winter.  Well done everyone who raced - you did the club proud.

Special thanks to all the coaches : Bret, Simon, Jack, Colin, Russell, Lucy, Mikey for their dedication and support.  Great job all.