14 August 2018

Our 2018 Maidenhead campaign was on an epic scale with two fully laden trailers making their way over to compete. We had sixty crews entered with participants drawn from every competitive squad and a number of notable others.

MHD regatta 2018-08

There was some spirited racing, none more so than when we ended up racing ourselves or Maidenhead crews. The para squad was out in force and continues to be a beacon for how to simultaneously collaborate, compete and develop the sport. Our Juniors came back from a short break and the JDS, J14s and J15s hit the water in singles, doubles and a coxed quad.

We won fifteen events, one more than Maidenhead and many more than the next nearest club.

Whilst the list below is those who won their events, worth noting that there were some great races, hopefully most will have come away without feeling that they had raced and left the water without regret.


  • Mx Mas C/D 8+. Jeremy, Ben, Mark, Ed, Gary, Imogen, Anna, Amanda & Victoria
  • Op.Mas.F/G/H 2x JY & John H
  • W.MasC.1x Tracy
  • Op.Sen.4+ Martha, Tom, Kingsley, Ed & Tim
  • W.Nov.MasD/ E4x- Bev, Marilena, Anna and Julie
  • Mx.Mas.D/E.2x Victoria & Mike
  • Op.Mas.E/F 4+ Jeremy, Dave, Richard, Malcolm & Dickie
  • Op.J13.2x Daniel & Monty, (followed closely by Will & Charlie)
  • W.Mas.D/E8+ Holly, Alex, Helen, Belinda, Karen, Bernie, Di, Louise,& Jayne
  • Op.Mas.C.4- Ben, Mark, Ed & Bryan
  • W.Mas.C/D/E 4+ Holly, Alex, Helen, Belinda & Jayne
  • W.Sen.4+ Lisa, Laurie,Rachel,Jess & Emma
  • Op.Mas.E/F8+ Jeremy, Mike W, Dave, JY, Carl, Malcolm, Dickie, John H & Richard B
  • Op.Sen.4- Ed, Matt, Tim & Adrian
  • W.Mas.F/G 4x- Maggie, Mary Lou, Helen & Georgina

As ever, Maidenhead was a great event. Many thanks to all at Maidenhead who made it happen as well as the officials, helpers and umpires. Continued thanks to all who towed, loaded, or in some way made our day possible. There are a few pictures below and more posted on our Facebook page

MHD regatta 2018-01MHD regatta 2018-02c MHD regatta 2018-03 MHD regatta 2018-04bMHD regatta 2018-05b MHD regatta 2018-07b MHD regatta 2018-06MHD regatta 2018-09