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Marlow Rowing Club Safety Policy

‘Marlow Rowing Club has a zero tolerance for anyone being harmed as a result of our members’ participation in the sport. We believe that harm is not an inevitable consequence of our activities and that incidents that cause harm can be avoided. We will strive to provide an environment in which the sport can be practiced safely and enjoyably by our members. We will guide and lead our members in a way that fulfils these aims. We recognise that our members have primary responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

The Club, through its Officers and Committee, will encourage safe practice having due regard for the guidance provided by British Rowing in RowSafe. The Club has safety rules that it expects its members to respect; these can be found in the Safety Section of the Club website. Complying with these rules will help to prevent harm.

The Club is also committed to learn from the incidents it becomes aware of and will share this information to help others in the sport to learn too. We are committed to make appropriate use of British Rowing’s Incident Reporting System.

Members are invited to refer any questions and concerns, relating to safety, to the Club’s
Rowing Safety Adviser or their deputy’

Committee and Directors
Marlow Rowing Club