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  • Squad Aspiration
    Recreational rowing
    Maintain a level of strength and fitness
    Be very sociable
  • Watermanship Skills
    All squad members will have rowed or sculled to a high level before joining the oldies
  • Fitness
    Some gym activity when the river is not rowable
  • Training Commitment
    No commitment, but the group typically rows on Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings.
  • Club Contribution
    The oldies have, and continue to be, significant contributors to activities and events at the club
  • Entry
    You need to talk to Laurie about this, but typically reserved for those who have had a veteran membership for more years than they can remember.
  • Pathways
    Nature will bring you to the door of the Oldies.
  • Coaching
    No thankyou.
Laurie Tilburyphoto Laurie Tilburyphoto


Laurie Tilbury
Laurie Tilbury photo Laurie Tilbury photo


Laurie Tilbury