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Senior Men

  • Squad Aspiration
    Podium positions at high quality Club level events and at ‘Championship level’ events, eg Tideway Heads, Met Regatta, Henley Royal Regatta, National Championships.
  • Watermanship Skills
    • Gold Sculling Proficiency (1x) • Experienced sweep ability • Ability/willingness to bow-steer crew boats
  • Fitness
    Able to achieve 2k under 7:00; 5k under 18:30 on the ergo, weight adjusted
  • Training Commitment
    • Attendance at squad training at least 6x /week* including gym and ergo sessions. • Attendance at training camps, and other activities such as rowing tank or lectures as directed by the coach *Typically, in summer, this would include: Saturday and Sunday on-the-water coached squad sessions, at least two other otw squad sessions plus ergos and S&C; and in winter: Saturday and Sunday otw-coached squad sessions, squad circuits, S&C and ergos (with participation in group ergos expected).
  • Club Contribution
    SM squad members are expected to make a positive contribution to the running of the squad and the club, be that serving on the weekend breakfast rota, co-ordinating squad finances, driving trucks and trailers or volunteering at regattas.
  • Entry
    Entry to the squad is at the coach’s discretion and all squad members will be required to meet the criteria above to be selected for both training sessions and races. In exceptional circumstances, the criteria may be relaxed by the coach.
  • Pathways
    Senior Development Squad Experienced rower new recruits Junior Men Young Vets
  • Coaching
    The Senior Men’s squad has a full time high performance coach. The squad is funded, in part, by the performance levy included in the Senior Squad membership fee.