Off to a winning start

October started very well with Jo and Kat being the joint winners with Furnivall in the WS3 2X category of the Pairs Head. Other slightly madder members of the squad did the Marlow Triathlon - well done to Helen Raine and Tash who both did well.
Six members of the squad went off to the first set of trials up at Boston (luckily for us it was dry and not too windy). Emily continued to impress with her 5th position in the Lightweights. Kat was 13th and Lorna 22nd in the same group. The cake eaters amongst us were up in the Heavyweight section. Helen R put in a good performance coming 8th, I was 15th, Helen S was 45th - an improvement from her last venture up to Boston in her single and we all know how she loves sculling!.
The same weekend saw most remaining members of the squad take part in the Marlow Long Distance Sculls. Maddy and Mandy sculled well, coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in Novice Singles.
The Fours Head at the beginning of November was a good result for the club. Helen Raine and I, together with Claire Vincent and Jane Fisher from Worcester coxed by Ella, won the W+ event in a time of 21 mins 15.71 seconds, beating very strong Oxford University and Oxford Brookes crews in our division. Kat, Lorna, Jo and Vicky also had a good result finishing 6th in the very competitive WS2X division, with a time of 21 mins 8.69 seconds. Sally, Maddy, Martina and Mandy`s quad had a bit of a tussle with another crew on their way down the course, the new overtaking rules not making it any easier.  Danni`s quad steered a good line and had a reasonable row.



Gone Swimming……

Saturday 7th September was the start of the 2002/2003 training season for the Women's squad, and judging by the turnout we should have a strong and healthy group to go through the season. First outing on Saturday saw everyone scrambling to get onto the water and avoid tripping over all the obstacles on site due to the bridge repairs. Second outing was slightly more eventful with Lucie deciding to check out the Eskimo roll situation in a single…. very amusing for those lucky enough to be passing at the time.
Sunday started pretty foggy so we had to stay up on the top reach, which ended up being quite a slalom, sculling in between the divers and then the raft race people.
Onto week two and it seems Lucie may well have started a trend for swimming this season, Mandy managed to tip Sally into the water on the bottom reach in a vain attempt to stop Sally passing her (by fair means or foul I suppose).  Sunday was the first timed piece and in a cunning attempt to avoid having to race I managed to go for a swim just off the landing stage aided by Ms Booker's placement of her single….yes Emily I did see that smug grin!. Apart from the swimming adventures, training has begun in earnest and we had our first circuits session last Wednesday.
Finally a plea for help, please can people keep me updated of results and funny stories this season so that I can attempt to keep this up to date.



2002 Roundup

Emily in the composite quadFudge's group celebrating a win 








Well as we have already started training for the 2002/2003 season it's time we had a review of the highs and lows of the 2001/2002 season. Quite a few of these have been mentioned in Sean's press releases so bear with me if you already know all about them.
The season finished on a high note with Emily winning a GOLD medal at the Commonwealth Games, representing England. Kat also did well getting a Bronze in her Scottish double with Lorna, who will hopefully be around Marlow this year.
Peterborough featured Jo and Andrea winning in the double, Jo also won S3 in her single on the Saturday and Andrea won S3 single on Sunday. Star of the weekend was Martina who managed to provide entertainment and get herself a mention on the Slug by capsizing halfway down her novice singles race, nicely timed in front of the supporting onlookers. Slightly drier on the Sunday Martina did well to be third in the final of novice singles.
Kat and Lorna in the doubleNational Championships featured Emily in the composite quad winning the Lightweight Quads and then getting Silver in the Heavyweight Quad, being beaten only by Nautilus. Kat and Lorna managed to collect a Bronze in their Lightweight Double and then Silver in a lightweight four composite with Thames. Finally I picked up a Gold in the pairs event with Carla from Oxford Brookes (least said about the number of pairs entered here the better!).
Henley T&V saw Andrea and Jo winning convincingly in the double at S1, and Jo even managed to get Andrea above that magic 30 rating! The Senior 3 eight did well to get through to the finals.
Henley Royal was attended by Emily, again in the composite quad, who did well against the lightweight GB quad. Jo, Vicki, Kat and Lorna also put out a quad that unfortunately drew the GB heavyweights in the first round.
Women's Henley - Emily did very well in the composite quad to win the LW4X (it would appear some people spend most of the season pot hunting!!!). Catrin (no race too short) Williams Jones produced a very fast start in her Lightweight Singles race. Kat and Lorna had a great first round race to beat the UL double. Finally, Charlotte, Tina, Clare and Mel appeared briefly in the Club Fours event.
Birmingham and Leicester were good events to collect pots for the women. Tina, Clare, Charlotte and Maddy won S2 4+ on Saturday, and Tina, Clare, Catrin and Mandy won S3 4+ on the same day. Sunday at Leicester produced a win for Mel, Charlotte, Catrin and Mandy in S3 4+.  Catrin also picked up a S3 1X pot on both days bringing her total haul to 4 pots in one weekend! Top marks to Clare for steering the pair……….into a bridge!!!! Apparently they are really tricky to see and appear out of nowhere! Earlier in the season Clare also proved her unique ability to steer at Bedford when she mounted the rowing club's landing stage.
Women's crews at Metropolitan included Jo and Andrea in the Double and their Singles, both did well to get to the final. Kat and Lorna won S1 Double on the Saturday. Emily et al won in their quad. I subbed into the composite 8 which won on both days, while Docklands was another win for Emily and the composite quad.
At Reading Town, Kat beat Andrea in a straight S3 Singles final.  Fudge's Novice 8 won S4. Sally won in her single at Weybridge Ladies, after being disqualified from one event for not turning up on time. Fudge's Novice/S3 group also won S3 4+ and S4 4+ here.
Well that's about all the results I have been given. So if you won and didn't get a mention, remember to mail me next time, I am not psychic!