AUTUMN  2002

The year has started well with wins at some of the long distance sculling heads. At Wallingford we had a big entry and came away with 3 wins. Jenny and Helen started from where they left off by winning the WJ18 double. There was also another win for Stuart and Nick in J16 double and a win for Richard Hewitt, Dan Wicks, Ed Griffiths and Tom Rendell in J16 quads. Wallingford also saw the first race for Ed Barber in the second J16 4x; he sculled well for somebody who had only been on the water for about 20 outings.


The next race was the pairs head, with Dan racing with Chris Logan in J18 Doubles, which they won. Also Jenny and Helen teamed up and came a creditable second to a fast Wycliffe double.


The Pairs Head also saw Nick, Stuart, Sam and David putting in and excellent performance by coming 6thin the J18 event.

Marlow Long Distance Sculls brought 2 singles wins for the juniors, Helen in J18 and Nick in J16. Most of the boys and girls raced in their singles.




Henley Sculls saw another win for Stuart and Nick in J16 Quads with Sam and David. They won their event by 30 seconds.

This weekend sees Dan in the Marlow 1st quad with 3 seniors, Nick, Stuart, Sam, David. Also Helen, Jenny, Emma and Annie are racing in the Fours Head.

The weekend  of 16th and 17 th will see Dan, Nick, Stuart, Otto, Jenny, Helen, Emma, Annie, Sam and David at GB Trials and the rest of the group racing at the Marlow Fours and Pairs Head.


Russell Peacock


Let us start in April with the annual junior training camp. This year we were unable to get a booking at Ghent and so looked around for a new venue. It came in the shape of Hazewinkel, also in Belgium. Following the success we had last year with mixing with George Watson's College, we again asked if they would like to join us, which they did.
The final number on the camp was 45, of which 33 were athletes and 12 coaches. The coaching team was made up of Russell Peacock, John Gill, Bret 'Gasoil' King, Alistair Hughes, Ollie Cruickshank, David Rendell, Ian Hewitt, Andy Barron, Jim Ferguson, Evelyn Ferguson, and the Irish World Lightweight Gold medallists Tony O'Connor and Gerold Towey. I would like to thank the coaches for the work over the week and remind them that we have booked again for next year.
The camp was a great success with the boys and girls working hard and getting a lot useful work in crew boats. The coaches worked very hard on and off the water from 6 in the morning till 11 at night. I would also like to say a big thank you to Jim Ferguson for allowing the boys and girls to use his boats.
The first event of the year was the Junior Inter-Regionals at Nottingham and the GB selection regatta at Dorney. The club only had two representatives at the inter-Regionals; Jenny Forrester was selected for the WJ16 single, where she collected the Gold medal. Stuart Heap was asked to combine with boys from Maidenhead to form a J16 coxless four which collected a silver medal; also Stuart at the last minute was asked to race in the J16 single, even though he is only a J15. He raced well but was beaten into 4th place by a good field.
Whilst Jenny and Stuart were in Nottingham, Dan Tipney was racing at the selection regatta. Dan finished 7 th overall, which was a great performance as he had not been able to train coming up to the regatta due to an infected arm. This performance got Dan an invitation to final trials in July.
On the May Bank holiday weekend we entered 3 regattas - Wallingford, Strathclyde Park and Marlow Spring. Starting with the event across the boarder in Scotland, Dan and Nick Fox travelled to Strathclyde Park to row with Watson's College. Dan came home with 4 Golds but Nick could only manage Silvers. Dan won in Open Quads, J18 Quads, J18 Eights and J16 Fours whilst Nick was second in J18 Quads, J16 Quads and J15 Doubles.
At Wallingford, which was being held at Dorney, we entered the juniors girls in quads and doubles at School/Junior (J19 event) level; though being J16's the girls did well by coming 2nd and 5th in the quads, 3rd and 5th in doubles. We also entered in Women's Novice Quads were unable to race the final due to boat damage.
On the Bank holiday Monday it was Marlow Spring Regatta. Here we collected 3 wins in J15 doubles (Nick and Stuart), WJ18 2x (Helen Brewer and Jenny Forrester) and WJ15 4x+. There were also wins for RGS in J15 4x+ (Jon Worboys, Richard Hewitt, Richard Boarder, Tom Rendell and David Quinell).
The first major event we attended was Ghent in Belgium were we came home with 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. Dan was asked by the GB selectors to race in a GB select combination. The regatta was a great test for possible crews for the National Schools. On the Saturday Dan won a Silver medal in J18 singles and a Silver was also collected in WJ18 4x (Helen, Jenny, Annie Pace, Emma Mitchell). On the Sunday we won the Gold that was Dan with his partner from Evesham, Andrew Walker in J16 doubles. Dan also collected a Silver in J16 single and the final medal, Bronze, came in WJ18 double of Helen and Emma.
The results for the rest of the group, were on the Saturday, J18 2x (Dan, Andrew) 4th, J18 2x (Nick, Stuart) 14th , WJ18 1x (Annie) 21st, WJ18 2x (Sophie Hughes, Emma) 25th, WJ18 2x (Helen, Jenny) 5th and WJ18 2x (Tora Thompson, Karla Boddy) 20th . On the Sunday WJ16 1x (Jenny) 4th, WJ18 1x (Tora) 22nd, WSB 2x (Helen, Annie) 4th, J16 1x (Nick) 5th, J16 2x (Nick, Stuart) 9th and WJ18 2x (Tora, Jenny) 4th. All crews raced well and gave the coaches food for thought regarding combinations for future races.
Coate Water Park was next. The event was a shambles, with the regatta was running over an hour late by mid-afternoon. We only collected 1 win, the WNovice double being Victoria Carroll and Sophie.
Then came the second major event in the shape of the National Schools Regatta at Nottingham. The athletes built on their success at Ghent, bringing home 3 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals, making them the most successfully organisation rowing at the event, beating the likes of Headington School, Radley, Hampton etc.
Dan with his Gold at Nat Schools He also won a £4250 sculling boat Picture courtesy of Natures ImagesThe Golds came in Championship Single Sculls (Dan), Girls J16 Double Sculls (Helen and Jenny), Girls J16 Single Sculls (Jenny); Silver in Boys J16 Single Sculls (Dan); Bronze in Boys J15 Double Sculls (Stuart and Nick) and Boys J15 Single Sculls (Nick).
So Jenny came home with 2 Gold medals, on the Saturday in the double sculls with Helen beating the favourites Avon County. The Avon County crew have beaten the Marlow girls in their last 2 meetings but this time Jenny and Helen got their own back and with an excellent scull beat them to the Gold medal. On the Sunday Jenny, racing in her J16 single, dominated the heats and Final to collect her first Gold in this event (hopefully the start of many more).
The final Gold came from Dan in Championship Singles. Dan who is still only J16, lay in second for most of the race but pulled though in the last 100 meters to win by 0.6 of a second. Along with the medal and trophy he also won a sculling boat to the value of £4250.
On the Sunday Dan won a silver medal in J16 singles; the winner was Zac Purchase from King's Worcester who at that time was ranked number 1 in the GB system.
Also on the Saturday Nick and Stuart won a Bronze medal in J15 doubles and Nick followed this with a Bronze medal in the J15 single.
Helen & Jenny with their Nat Schools WJ16 Gold medals Picture courtesy of Natures ImagesMarlow Town Regatta was the next event that we raced, where we collected 4 wins in J15 Double Sculls (Stuart and Nick); WS4 2x, WN 2x and WJ18 2x, and, sculling under RGS colours, Jon won J15 Singles. Dan for a change rowed with in a Senior 4 coxed four that also won
The squad then split for Henley Women's and Marlow Regatta. The Junior girls crew of Helen, Jenny, Annie and Emma raced at Henley, the crew unluckily losing in the first round to a strong Wycliffe Scullers quad.
At Marlow the rest of the crew also did not have any luck with the Girls J16 quad of Karla, Victoria Carroll, Nick & Stuart with their J15 Bronze at Nat Schools Picture courtesy of Natures ImagesSophie and Tora losing to Henley. The Junior quads of Stuart, Nick and 2 Henley boys (Hugo Wiseman and Michael Bennett) and senior quad, which included Dan, also losing out on silverware.
Henley qualifiers were next, with the two quads that raced at Marlow requiring to race in their event, Dan quad sculling in the senior event with Andy Barron and Jonny Logan, Iarla Lewis from Watson's qualified for the regatta, but the Junior quad was unluckily to miss out by just under a second.
At Henley the senior quad was drawn against a strong American crew and lost to them by 2 lengths.
Trials were next with Dan looking for a place in the Worlds or Coupe team. Also Jenny and Helen and Stuart and Nick hoping for places in the GB team for the GB v France match. Dan was selected for the first boat at the Coupe being the quad. Jenny and Helen had an excellent scull in their time trial and were selected to do the double; they beat the nearest crew by 13 seconds. Stuart and Nick were not so lucky coming 4th in their race, but for J15s racing as J16s it was a great performance. So Dan is off to Portugal and Jenny and Helen are going to France.
Jenny and Helen with their Nat Champs WJ16 Gold Picture courtesy of Natures ImagesBecause of the rule that athletes selected for the Coupe or Worlds cannot race at the National Championships, we lost Dan. But it shows the depth of ability in the junior group that we won 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals.
The Golds came from Jenny and Helen in the WJ16 Double Sculls and Stuart and Nick in J15 Double Sculls, a Silver was picked up by Jenny in her single and Emma and Annie won bronze in WJ18 Double Sculls.Dan came up to watch the racing at the Championships on Sunday and due to illness in the senior quad was asked to race, coming home with a Silver medal!
Stuart and Nick winning J15 Gold at Nat Champs Picture courtesy of Natures ImagesFollowing their success at the National Selection Trials, the Marlow Rowing Club J16 double of Jenny Forester and Helen Brewer travelled to Nantes France with the GB J16 squad to represent Great Britain in the annual match against the French.
The match was preceded by a three day training camp, which gave the girls the opportunity to acclimatise and train on the course on the Loire. The event consisted of two series of races, the first a 1500 m event with cups for the overall winning team, and for girls the second event was raced over 500m for the new Bon Accord trophy.
In the 1500m event the Marlow girls were beaten by one length by the French crew in a race in Jenny sculling to Silver at Nat Champs Picture courtesy of Natures Imageswhich they never quite achieved the pace which we know they are capable of. The second race over 500m was a very different affair. Fired by the defeat in the previous event, they took the lead off the start and extended it confidently, finishing comfortably ahead of the French double.
The Great Britain squad subsequently won both matches, winning three of the four available trophies. The magnitude of this win can be gauged by the fact that this was the first time in twenty two years that the French had been beaten on home waters. Clearly the UK policy of starting juniors in sculling boats is beginning to pay off.Annie & Emma WJ18 Bronze, Nat Champs Picture courtesy of Natures Images
Dan travelled to Portugal for the Coupe along with David Read of Henley, Sam Dixon of Sudbury and George Vazey of Dulwich College. After an intense period of training at Henley and Dorney the crew felt they were going fast enough to collect a medal, but this was not to be. They reached the final with ease, but were unlucky on both days to get lane 2, finishing 4th and 5th . Most of the medals came from sheltered lanes 5 and 6.
At Maidenhead Regatta we put together some fun crews, and with the help of the veteran squad came home with a cheque for £250 for being the most successful visiting club at the regatta. We had wins in WJ 2x (Helen and Karla), J15 2x (Nick with Sam Ashburner of Maidenhead), S3 4x (Nick, Stuart, with Sam and Tom Jost from Maidenhead) and S1 4x (Dan with ex Marlow Juniors Ben Tipney, James Wright and Andy Barron). Karla was unlucky in the WJ18 1x and Stuart lost in the semi to a Kingston Grammar sculler both by only 3 feet. The Chris Tipney, Dan, Ben, James Wright and Jenny) S3 4+ also lost by only a few feet.
The summer season's racing ended with a small group travelling to Abingdon, where we came home with 4 wins. First was Helen and Emma in WJ18 2x, followed by Stuart and Sam (from Maidenhead) in J18 2x, Jenny and Karla in WS3 2x and finally Stuart Tim Foster presents the Bursary to Dan in front of the Redgrave Statueand Nick in Novice 2x. Nick lost in the final of Novice 1x and Jenny and Helen lost in the final of WS2 2x.
Dan was awarded the Steve Redgrave Bursary by Wycombe District Council (sponsored by 'The Michael Shanley Group') Tim Foster presented the trophy. Dan also received a cheque £1000 towards general training costs.
Steven Redgrave sent Dan the following message:
"I would like to be one of the first to offer my sincere congratulations to Daniel, and not only because his chosen sport is rowing! As he will know only too well, he has a long, hard journey ahead of him - though hopefully not as long or as hard as mine - and I trust that tonight's award will go some way towards helping him make that journey."


On behalf of all the coaches I would like to say well done to you all for all the hard work you have put in this year on the water and in the gym, to make Marlow Rowing Club Junior Group a force to be feared.

Let's make 2003 even more successful.

Remember Marlow junior coaches expect academic work to take priority, but both academic and training can compliment each other.

Here is a quote from the website of a rowing school in South Africa called St Benedict's College; they are one of the most successful in South Africa:

"It is significant that rowing has not impacted negatively on the high degree of academic success at St




.Benedict's - despite the time-consuming nature of the sport.  Year after year our rowers obtain outstanding success in their matriculation examinations. In 1999, besides winning the First Eights, First Fours and First Quad events at the SA Championships, our First Eight produced a total of 17 "A"s in their final IEB matric examinations!  This was followed by a total of 14 matric A's from the 2000 First Eight crew!  - and 18 in 2001!"

Russell Peacock, John Gill, Bret King, Ollie Cruickshank, Ian Hewitt, Dave Rendell

Golden Marlow at the Golden Jubilee Weekend

Over the Jubilee weekend Marlow Rowing Club juniors travelled to Nottingham for the National Schools Regatta. They returned with 3 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 3 Bronze medals, this haul putting them at the top of the medal table and beating all the top schools and clubs in the country.

Dan Tipney won Gold in Championship Single Sculls, after being in second place for most of the 2000 meter race; he came through in the last 50 meters to win by only 0.6 seconds. This is an outstanding performance as Dan has just turned 16 and was racing in the 19 year old age group. Along with the medal, Dan has also won a boat to the value of £4000 - the last Marlow member to win this trophy was Sir Steve Redgrave. Dan also collected a Silver medal in Junior 16 Single sculls on Sunday; he was beaten by the top ranked sculler in Great Britain from Kings Worcester.

The other Gold medals came in Women's Junior 16 Double Sculls, with Jenny Forrester and Helen Brewer on Saturday. To follow this success, Jenny won her second Gold on Sunday in Women's Junior 16 Single Sculls.

The Bronze medals were won in Junior 15 Double Sculls by Stuart Heap and Nick Fox, with Nick also collecting a Bronze on Sunday in Junior 15 Single Sculls.