Marlow men prepare for summer after a wet winter

As previously reported on this site, despite the weather, the squad has been training hard. With reduction in rainfall, the squad has been able to get on the water at Marlow more than earlier on in the winter (though still not as much as we would like or as much as is possible on the Tideway).
We therefore spent more time than usual on the Tideway in preparation for the Head of the River Race. The senior squad entered 2 eights in the Head, coming 49th and 87th.

The results showed we have a solid squad with more depth than in many earlier years. Comparison with results of other upriver clubs shows Marlow to be in a good position. The team is now preparing to transition for the summer, the first major event being the training camp after Easter.


Paul Franklin  020 7362 0026

Update - January 2001


With the gradual improvement in the weather, the squad has been able to return to training on the river at Marlow again. Disappointing though the high river conditions were, the squad has been training regularly during the floods - some time in the gym but mostly a good amount of time on the Tideway and at the Eton Lake.
As a result of the Tideway sessions we may be better prepared for the Head of the River than in many years. We'll be back there soon too!
As a result the squad is still growing in size and strength (and of course enthusiasm).
The sweep group has been a regular sight on the Tideway over recent weeks, mostly in eights, getting some good work done. Most recently, one of the best pieces of work was a ding-dong between two of our eights, overlapping all the way for about 4km, blade for blade.
Moving forward, we are planning to be at Peterborough, Wallingford and Reading University Heads plus of course the Head of the River Race and the Scullers Head.


Paul Franklin  020 7362 0026