Men's Novices - Winter 2006/7 and Summer 2007

The novice men, like everyone else, have been affected by the continually poor weather throughout both (!) the winter 06/07 and summer 07 seasons - in the winter 6 of the 8 head races entered were cancelled before boating because of poor weather, and another got cancelled because crews were sinking during the race.

Nevertheless, the "Marlow Magnificent 7" have acheived some good results with wins at Maidenhead, Twickenhamm, Marlow Town and Marlow Spring Regattas, giving a successful start to the men's novice squad.

Maidenhead Regatta - 11th August 2007

Another busy day for the squad. The S4 4+ crew (Matt, Ed, Stewart, Neil, coxed by Ben) was being filmed as part of a Channel 5 TV programme, so were hugely relieved to win their race for the camera, although they were knocked out shortly afterwards by a crack squad of Marlow juniors! 

(Photo: Matt and Ben getting a pre-race briefing while the TV crew gets background shots)

The N4+ (Matt, Stew, Andy, Neil and Ben) lost by a tiny margin - just 4 feet. Martin and Terry (as a Vet 2x) were hampered because the boat they expected to race had been snapped in half by the trailer drivier so were racing in an undersized boat. Ed continued to refuse to share pots, by winning the S3 category in his single.

(Photo: Stew, Neil, Matt, Ben and Andy enjoying the view)

Kingston Regatta - 14th July 2007

A full turn-out from the squad: Matt, Chris, Andy and Martin (Ben coxing) as a Novice 4+; Stewart, Phil, Tom and Neil (Ben again coxing) as the S4 4+, Ed in a Novice 1x and the full crew in the S4 8+. The S4 cruised through their first round but struggled in the final, and the Novice 4 hit problems just before the end of the first race. Ed won the N 1x, and was rewarded with an oversized pot, as it was the 150th Anniversary of Kingston Regatta.

Ed wondering why the offical pot is smaller than the take-home one

Marlow Regatta - 23rd/24th June 2007

The 8 got an outing on the Saturday and posted a faster time than at Met over the 2,000m. The 8 got another outing on the Sunday over 1,000m - Matt, Martin, Stewart, Phil, Andy, Neil R, Tom and Ed cox: Ben, but struggled against a fast university crew.

Marlow Town Regatta - 14th June 2007

Ed sat in as stroke in an all Marlow final for the S4 4+ category, and collected a winner's pot for his trouble. The Novice 4 also had an outing.

Metropolitan Regatta - 2nd/3rd June 2007

We raced the 8 at Metropolitan on Saturday - with the same line up as Twickenham. The Met is a quality regatta and we were racing above our status at Senior 3 so there was no risk of us winning, but we recorded a respectable time and raced the RMA Sandhurst all the way to the line.

(Photo: Phil, Neil J, Chris and Charlotte)

Twickenham Regatta - 26th May 2007

We entered two boats - a novice 4+ with Chris (s), Matt (3), Martin (2) and Terry (bow) with Charlotte coxing. They won their heat and then lost in the semi-finals.


Then we had a straight final in the 8 at Senior 4 level with Charlotte (cox), Ed (s), Phil (7), Neil (6), Stuart (5), Chris (4), Neil (3), Martin (2) and Matt (bow). We got about 1000m before there was a clash which the umpire declared to be in neutral water, so we had to re-row from the start. We still lost by half a length, but ending up racing 2250m to do it. 


Marlow Spring Regatta - 7 May 2007

The Men's novices entered two crews. The first crew consisting of Matt, Chris, Martin and Tom with Ben coxing won their heat of the Senior 4 coxed fours competition, but were beaten in the final. 

The other crew (Stuart, Neil, Phil and Ed, coxed by Charlotte), having made a complete mess of their start at Senior 4 level went out in their heat. 

Both crews won their heats in the Novice coxed fours, so there was an all-Marlow final between the two boats. Charlotte's boat, rested by their previous defeat, turned that to their advantage and won, beating the other crew by half a length.

Head of the River - 31 March 2007

The squad boated for the Head of the River 2007 (a large race with 420 boats held on the Thames on the same course as the Oxford/Cambridge boat race), but due to rough weather the race was called off before we raced. As some consolation, we did witness the senior men's squad sink in front of us.