Marlow Watersports Hub

The loss of much of the club building to a fire on Wednesday 3rd August 2011 has been a great loss to the club and town. The club was insured, but inevitably insurance does not cover everything, not least the loss of income from the bar, events and facilities rental. We have had increased costs of running temporary facilities such as accommodation huts, and we are now trying to secure our position on the land and rebuild the club.


We will be rebuilding as the Marlow Watersports Hub, a centre for rowing, sculling, para-rowing, canoeing, open water swimming and triathlon for the area. You can the designs of the planned Water Sports Hub and information about those plans. We need to raise around £2.3m overall and, having obtained £1million from Sport England, now have around £1.9 of that funding arranged.

Because we are a community amateur sports club, we can collect Gift Aid on any donations you make out of individually taxed income (individuals, sole traders, partners but not Ltds/Plcs). This is really valuable to us as it adds 20% to your donation, so if you can please fill out these declarations (you need to confirm that you paid enough UK income tax to cover the 20%).


Thank you for your support.


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