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Membership Declarations and Junior Info


(1)   I confirm that I do not have any medical or physical condition or disability which would either preclude heavy exercise or put me at increased risk while rowing, and that I can swim at least 100 metres in light clothing.  
(2)   I agree that I have read, understood and will comply with: (1) the MRC Safety Plan, (2) MRC’s Safety Rules (including the circulation plan and rowing/sculling proficiency scheme) and (3) MRC’s constitution, rules and disciplinary code as amended from time to time (for these, see website).
(3) I am aware of (1) the ARA “Row Safe” Safety Code and its contents (additional information displayed at the Clubhouse and on the Club web site) and (2) MRC’s data protection policy and consent to MRC processing my Personal Data as set out in that policy.  
(4) I also agree that club membership brings responsibilities to help and support the club including an implied agreement to help with organising club events as directed by the organising teams. Please indicate in the notes if you have any specialist skills likely to be useful to the club that you could volunteer, either rowing related (events) or not (IT expert etc).
(5) I accept that participation is at my own risk and responsibility, and understand that (if under18), in the event of any injury or illness, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact my Parent/Carer and to deal with that injury/illness appropriately.
(6) I acknowledge that I am responsible for the use of any club equipment and must report any damage to boats, equipment and facilities, and that I shall be liable for the first £50 of any repair costs incurred, and may be liable for other costs if the Committee deem such damage to be the result of negligence.
(7) I am aware of Marlow Rowing Club's data protection policy (see website for details and your right to ask for copies of the information we hold), and consents to MRC processing their Personal Data as set out in that policy.
You must agree to the declarations above on behalf of the applicant (and if you are applying on behalf of someone else, you are representing to us that you have the authority to do so).
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disabled person as anyone with “a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities”. Do you (or your parent/guardian) consider yourself to have a disability under this definition?
If you have a disability or medical condition that is relevant to your rowing, please let us know.
British Rowing operate a points scheme for adult (not vet or masters) sculling. The number of points you have will be shown on your BR licence and translate into the categories above.
British Rowing operate a points scheme for adult (not vet or masters) sweep rowing. The number of points you have will be shown on your BR licence and translate into the categories above.
JUNIORS/U23: Name of your school, college or University
If there is anything in particular you'd like to share about your rowing aims please do so here. If you're settled into a squad or a contented single sculler, leave this blank.
If you have any additional information you want to give the Membership Secretary, including any links between you and another member please do so here.