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Masters Women

  • Squad Aspiration
    To win at ‘Club-level’ events, eg Maidenhead, Weybridge, Reading. Some of the more ambitious MW go on to compete at Championship events, such as Henley Masters, National Masters and World Masters.
  • Watermanship Skills
    • Silver Sculling Proficiency Award in 1x and progressing towards Gold.
    • Basic sweep ability
    • Ability/willingness to bow-steer crew boats
  • Fitness
    Demonstrate commitment to maintaining and improving fitness by completing the training programme.
  • Training Commitment
    Attendance at squad training at least 4 times per week including a weekly ergo submission. Typically, in summer, this would include: Saturday and Sunday on-the-water coached squad session, at least one other on-the-water squad session plus an ergo submission; and in winter: Saturday or Sunday on the water coached squad session, squad circuits plus an ergo submission (with participation in group ergos encouraged).
  • Club Contribution
    MW squad members are expected to make a positive contribution to the running of the squad and the club, be that serving on the weekend breakfast rota, co-ordinating squad finances, driving launches, trucks and trailers or volunteering at regattas.
  • Entry
    All squad members will be required to meet the criteria above to be selected for both training sessions and racing, but entry to the squad is at the coach’s discretion. In exceptional circumstances, the coach may relax the criteria, eg if an experienced rower from another club, they may be given a reasonable time to achieve Silver or Gold SPA (1x). Conversely, the coach may decline entry to someone who, despite meeting the criteria, would not be an asset to the squad.
  • Pathways
    • Senior Women
    • Senior Development Squad
    • Recreational
  • Coaching
    Squad members make a contribution towards coaching fees in addition to their club membership.
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Jayne Thomas
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Jayne Thomas